Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eating the Alphabet--Week 2 or 3?!?!

We have lost count of where we are at.  In fact, I don't have the wall updated as of today even. 

We are working our way through the Lois Ehlert book, Eating the Alphabet.  I found printables at Kidz Club

I have up to C posted here.  Tomorrow we are going to try dates.  And we will be having Eggplant ratatouille and polenta this week.  We had grapefruit today and as I was checking out the future of the alpahabet, we may be "eating" our way through the rest of the book this week!!!  Ok, Joe, Lydia, Caty, myself and sometimes the boys are trying items also.  The real star though is Lydia!  She has tried everything!

I'll keep you updated on how it goes:)!!!


  1. What a great thing you are trying with the kids. My kids are very picky eaters so I am not sure this would work but I am going to look for the book at the library.

  2. It's pretty on the wall, but really only Lydia is the one actively participating. But I keep offering and trying to add new things. The boys are VERY RESISTANT to any new changes. Brayden is very obsessive about what he eats and it has to be a specific brand name he is used to. And if it is in piece form, it must be a specific number. He has major OCDs. But last night he even ate some of our Chilean veggie meal! Shocked me!!