Friday, April 29, 2011

Our week in Review - April 24 - 30, 2011

Our week was definitely NOT boring!!!  We started our talk about Geography of Greenland/Iceland by making a mini-doughnut recipe from Iceland.  We made with them vanilla frosting and sprinkles, powdered sugar and cinnamon/sugar.

We started working out of our workboxes again.  I really need to keep myself better organized...which I am really trying harder to do.

 We had an addition to our school....Joey really likes this and his dad said that it really helped him.  Even Lydia enjoyed playing a brief game against Daddy.

One of the newest workbox activities that we have started is a very basic nut and bolt fine motor skill activity.  I purchased various sizes of nuts and bolts.  I put them in the drawer taken apart and the kids must match them and screw the nut onto the bolt at minimum half way.  As they develop better finger mobility, we'll go for longer and smaller bolts.

The girls were invited to a really great Tea Party on Monday.  Lots of good food, games and crafts.  They had so much fun. This is them with their friend Amelia, who was also the Hostess.


Tuesday--We had to say our Final goodbyes to our new Kitty Lion who developed Kidney Failure after his recent declaw surgery.  It was rough.

Tuesday We also had LEGO Club.  The boys also had Agility Therapy.

 On Wednesday we had our Field trip to the Post Office in our little town.  We really thank Barry for taking the time to show us the office and how our mail is sorted.  Thanks for letting us help do some of the mail that day too!!!

Lydia and I had our volunteer shift at the Humane Society.  We went straight from our field trip to the Humane Society so we could pick up our new cat....Princess.

We started our seed planters also.  We are going to grow Kalidoscope Carrots, Sugar Baby Watermelons, Red Sweet Corn, Cucumbers and potatoes.  Also some Jelly Bean Tomatoes!  Those things are the best!!

We did earn some prizes from the Treasure Chest this week.

During Quiet time on Thursday I let Brayden play with his DUPLO Blocks.  He builts a big tower.  I wish I would've gotten a video of his happy dance.  This shot was mid motion.  He was very proud of how tall it was.

No pictures from Friday.  Kids had a free day becuase I spent time trying to scrap and paint the exterior of our garage.  Very exhausted as I am finishing this post.  Still have lots of painting to try and finish tomorrow.  Will have to get some before and after pics to post.  I was ever so grateful when my dear hubby was able to leave work early and help me do some of the scrapping.  I was having a hard time getting off the ladder to crawl on the roof. 

I did manage to get stung three times today though.  A bee got into the hood of my sweatshirt and I didn't realize it.  I got stung on the neck twice and the ear lobe also.  Ear is a bit sore tonight too.  Plan on going to bed early tonight.  The kids are watching a movie and then everyone will be crashing. 

Have a great weekend!!!



  1. Sorry to hear about your kitty. And your bee stings. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

  2. Love the picture of the tower - it really is something to be proud of! :) Sorry about your cat - that is so hard. I really like the nuts and bolts activity - great for fine motor development and easy for mom to set up!

  3. Hi! Please check your facebook page. Have a message for you. :)

  4. We got No Stress Chess at Christmas. We have only used the cards a few times. My little guy ropes me into playing at least 5 games a week and don't you know, he beats me 90% of the time!

  5. Looks like Princess is settling right in.
    Janet W

  6. The nuts and bolts idea is brilliant! Love it!