Friday, June 3, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal--Start of our New Year 2011-2012

In my life this week….

Trying to get our house cleaned back up from me slacking off before we went to Tennessee.  I wasn't really slacking off, but helping with the family garage sale.  Spent a lot of time away from our house...and our kids know how to trash any area!! 

I have come to another milestone in the life of a parent with children who have special needs.  I realized that I may never be able to rely on my sons.  They are totally reliant on us.  (One has regressed to pull-ups at night again...he has even forgotten to go during the day.)   In some ways they can be slightly self-sufficient, but I remember having to have more responsiblity at this age.  They can not handle cleaning their basic room mess, it requires constant attention from us to make sure the tasks are completed.  The same with their family chores.  They know what to do, but it requires constant supervision and reminders.  I am hoping that this gets better, but not getting my expectations too high.  I am trying to not have a bad attitude, but I am soooo tired all the time because of cleaning constantly.  I am not trying to have a showplace basic clean. 

The last two days, planted a small garden and some flowers.  Still have some flowers to plant in our front yard.  Trying to cut down on the amount of "trimming" yard work when we mow (mowing is something we will never be able to trust them to do).  If I plant hostas around the trees, no need to push mow out front anymore....YEAH!!!

My favorite thing this week was…

I think it may be getting our air conditioner replaced in the living room window.  At least have a place to go and cool off after being outside all day long everyday. (Our girls love the outdoors.)  But who knows that may change tomorrow.  We are going to Backyard Camp and make smores, hot dogs and popcorn on an open fire tomorrow night as a family.  That may become my favorite thing this week.  Tent is up and fire pit is ready for the fire.  The kids are excited...and Joe and I are working on building our excitement.  Neither of us are big campers, but I am getting kind of excited.

Places I’m going…

Been trying to stay close to home.  Went shopping for groceries and "couponing" to save some money on essentials like nighttime pull-ups, tp, and a couple other items.  With coupons and extras rebates, I estimated about $60.00 in savings.  We ended up doing no sports this week because of exhaustion and the holiday.  Getting our schedule on track for next week though.  The girls are way behind on horse riding lessons.

Things I’m working on…

Trying to organize myself for homeschooling four kids at different levels.  Some with combined curriculum, others with separate.  Today actually went very smooth, we were done with schoolwork earlier than expected.  But we also started earlier than normal!  So it was great!!! 

I am trying to create an area for all my prep materials to create lessons.  Also just a basic working area for myself.   Going to help plan the Curriculum Resource Sale for our homeschool group also.  Got the information today.  Also trying to read up on Smoking Salmon the way the Nez Perce Native American Tribe customarily done it.  Lydia and Caty start going to an American Girl Club this week and we are reading Kaya first.  Next week we are making mocassins for our dolls and then at our first meeting creating dresses for our dolls and learning about tribe life.

Books I’m reading…

Actually reading a few books right now.  For fun, Tears of a Giraffe which is part of the #1 Ladies Detective series.  I am also reading Explosive Child and going to start reading A Regular Guy Growing up with Autism which I won from the Meet Chaz blog (wonderful blog if you know of anyone who has kids with Asperger's).

A quote, a video, a link or pic to share…

I couldn't decide.....I have been letting the girls paint freely on the back concrete with sidewalk chalk and water, but today they layed out large sheets of paper and mixed finger paint colors.  Caty discovered purple (her favorite color).  She was excited!

I was cleaning our grill and found our little amphibian friend had jumped up onto the concrete deck and was hiding by my foot. .....OK..I screamed...I admit it.  He scared me a bit, wasn't expecting to find him by my foot:) Homeschooling!


  1. It's nice to meet you, Renita! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my site. I enjoyed reading your journal entry; let us know how the camping goes. I'm not the outdoorsy type, but I'm married to one! He wants to look at family-sized tents and my first question is, "Will there be a bathroom close by?" LOL. My oldest daughter adores AG Kaya. She's read the books and one Christmas we splurged and purchased the doll. Your little girl's curly pigtails remind me of how I wore my hair as a child. Have a wonderful weekend,