Saturday, September 3, 2011

Big Kids School

We have workboxes all packed and ready for tomorrow!!!  Whooo hooo!!!

In Lydia's boxes this week:

Houghton Mifflin Math: Grade K, Student Book

Handwriting....lots of dry erase sheets for letters, alphabet, address, phone number, etc.

Finally our chicken unit....we found it at Homeschool Share

Working on maps....really like this book.  Had it spiral bound for easy copies.

We are using a new reading program made by a fellow TOS Crew member.  We will do site words from The Moffat Girls Shop daily and Click N Read Looney Tunes every other day.

Number recognition and we'll pull out our revised Twister Game also.

Lydia's Grammar Workbook

The next American Girl for our Club is Felicity.  So we are going to start reading the books.  I thought she could work on the rest of her fairy tale puppets while I read to her.

For the Boys Boxes:

Grammar Practice

Journal Entries....either pictures or written thoughts.

  Teaching Textbooks Math

BIG IQ spelling....I will have printed lists for them in each of their boxes.  They are enjoying this a bit more than their All About Spelling right now.  Who knows???  But as long as they are trying.


Fun activity....

BIG IQ Geography...State geography. Both boys are liking this also.

I am having the boys do some of the same sheets from Lydia's workbook, as "Practice" so I can double check the basics they should know.

More "fun" activities...

We are also going to visit the library and will be finishing up our lessons on ants. 

Happy studying to all!!!!

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