Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Day at Cedar Point

Mom and Dad (Photographer: Lydia)

You would think we had been there all day...but nope first ride.  Didn't want to ride the Cadillac Cars with us.  That is until we got on.  Lydia is grouchy because she is just under the height for most everything still this year.

Scary to look forward too....Joey driving.

Mommy and Lydia

Brayden was our driver....again scary.  Lots of whiplash.

He was really excited to ride this ride...The boy in the car with him was being kind of mean.  I had to stand in the exit area to listen and make sure I didn't have to get a ride attendant.

Waiting their turn to ride the Junior Gemini

Brayden hiding in his chariot.....He had to have a blanket covering him because the sun was bright and it's noisy.  It must help a little bit, but man it's got to be hot!

More pics tomorrow.  A few from Soak City.