Monday, September 19, 2011

Our visit to Elington Agriculture Museum

So this is a post fullllllllllll of pictures.  We visited The Elington Agriculture Museum in Nashville this trip.  It's our second time to the museum.  It is packed full of things to look at and best of all it's FREE!!!!!

We started our visit off with bad attitudes.  I am glad we were the only ones in the museum.

 A double butter churn (we will be making butter for a project with Felicity for American Girl).

This buggy was used until the 1940s to deliver mail in Middle Tennessee.

A saddle collection.

A picnic luncheon....

Lydia of course found a stuffed chicken she fell in love with.

A potato plow

A hand Crank ice cream maker.  Lydia had a fit when she found out this is how it was electrical outlet to let the machine do all the work for her.

Joey liked the tractors.

They were amazed at the Thresher's wheel size.

Joey loved the Blacksmith area also.

A curing trough...

I think I will take my HE model (even though it breaks down alot!!)

Old bonnets that Lydia liked.

A cabin set up to resemble the first settlers.

I thought this was soooo cool!

Bee hive....of course the boys freaked out.

If you are in the Nashville area and have a few hours to spare...I highly recommend it!

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  1. We have family in Nashville and I haven't heard of this, so take time to make it there I will take the kids and go check it out. Thanks for linking up tothe Field trip hop. Sounds like you guys had an amazing road trip and did lots of fun things:)

  2. We have family in Nashville but haven't heard of this museum. Will check it out next time we are visiting them. Thanks for linking up to the Field trip hop:)