Monday, September 19, 2011

Schooling this week.....

We are having a regular week.  The boys are working on BIG IQ Kids for math, spelling, and states. 

The boys are working on grammar...currently punctuation with questions, statements, and exclamation points.  Joey is even typing a diary into his iPad....that was cool to see him do the other day.

We finished our State Geography of Tennessee today by cooking our Tennessee meal. 
We will be studying Indiana next.  (Joey chose it since he remembers living there.)

Lydia finally finished her -at and -an phonics/reading lesson from the Moffat Girls shop, so we will be beginning Lesson 2. -ip and -ig. 

For Science we will be working on the Human Body.  We have our Magic School Bus kit ready and our Teacher Created Resources book.  We will be working on this together for the next couple weeks.

My Body (Science Books S)
We will not be doing History this week because we have two field trips and a doctor appointment for the boys also. Wednesday is Homeschool Day at the zoo, and we are going as a family. Daddy took the day off!!!

We have our first meeting on Felicity this week.  We are very excited to make our Mobb caps and coral bracelets.  We will also be playing with the toys of that era.  Lydia and I finished reading Book 1 and starting Book 2 tomorrow.  We are running bit behind on this one.  We are planning the at-home activities to go with this book series.  We are going to make our doll dresses, pomander balls, candles, and our own Game of Graces.

We will also be watching a show on Johnny Appleseed and working on our LEGO Club challenge.  Watching some items on space right now.

Sorry, not alot of pictures....same stuff we have been doing for a couple weeks now.  Science will be new this week though!  We are just getting back into the swing of being home.

Have a great week!!