Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Travel schooling

So we ended up not taking the week off because...well our kids cannot handle a full week of school off.  It's better to do a little bit daily and take select days off as needed.  So even though we are in Brentwood/Nashville TN this week...still doing school.  Have our tub of projects packed.  Here's school for everyone this week.

BIG IQ Kids for the boys.

 Caty working on puzzles and speech therapy assignments this week.  We are reading ABC Bunny for our Before Five in a Row book.
 Lydia is working on one of Caty's dry-erase Barbie books here.  I was tired of fighting with her about Math and decided to let her do a few pages.
 We collected some really cool leaves Monday and did some leaf rubbings.
 We also started our US Geography study.  We are doing Tennessee this week.  Taking advantage of being in the Capital!!!  Going to the Tennessee State Museum this week too.  Went to the Home of Andrew Jackson today.
 Caty and Lydia's BFIAR book and a couple of the activities.
 Lydia is picking up on some of her reading lessons.  Almost got the -an and -at words down and 6 site words. Whooohoo!!!

Caty's speech folder from her therapist.  I reward her with sticker activities when she pronounces the words correctly.  We also do puzzles and she gets pieces given to her each time.

 This month's LEGO Club theme is Space.  Found these at Target a few months ago, and letting the boys work out of them this week.

A Caty project....she was having some trouble with basic sequencing.  She is really liking this game.

And that is our School this week!  Watch this week for lots of exciting adventures!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for showing your travel schooling. We are going to visit family next week, and will be doing part time school as well. We use Time4Learning, so as long as I can get an internet signal, and have the laptop, we are good for some partime school next week. It is a relief to know that other families are able to vacation and still get a little learning in. Again, thanks for sharing, you have inspired me!