Monday, October 24, 2011

Felicity Quilt--Square 1

Anyone who knows me....knows I am a curriculum junkie.  I have tons of books and my laptop is an overwhelming resource of countless files for every grade level.  There is so much on my hard drive...that I end up losing files.  While searching for something the other day, I rediscovered a book on Colonial America

Hands-On History: Colonial America: Fantastic Easy-to-Make Projects That Help Kids Learn and Love History!

One of the activity suggestions is to build a quilt out of all the information you learn about an area.  So we decided to build one out of all the fun things we are learning about Williamsburg and Colonial America through reading Felicity.

Here's the start of our quilt.  We are going to add at least 2 squares a week.  Some she can hand draw, but with attitudes rising on Friday, I just printed the pictures for our first square.  We learned that they ate basically the same things we did.

These are two of the books we are going to use for research.

So far we have learned about samplers, a touch about dancing, horses, and this week we will learn more about games and schooling.

My mom has a tea ball that she got to see an example of what Miss Manderly used when teaching the girls about the proper way to serve tea.

I have my list of topics we will be creating squares for.  Watch as I try to keep this updated weekly.  If this works, we will use this technique on many other topics!

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