Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our New School Room Area

What a week....we did a lot in our school room.  I had boys in one room and the girls in another.  I was running back and forth constantly.  Not that I don't appreciate the exercise, but the way I have been feeling lately has made me dreading each school day.  I have been trying to come up with a way to combine the kids into one area, and still have room to take kids in a separate area.  Well both boys had officially destroyed their desks with their spinning desk chairs, so I had started to shop for tables instead of desks.  (No keyboard tray to destroy.)  Sure enough, I found some online that were on clearance at Walmart.  For the price, I ordered 3 and started reorganizing supplies and trying to figure out the reconfiguration of the living room.

I should have taken before shots....but forgot.  This is what we ended up with. 

 As you can see...I am a bit of a curriculum junkie.  There are two shelves in my dining room office full also.  The hard drive on my laptop is just as full of's sad.  I lose things all the time.

We added another shelf here to have more storage for flashcards, manipulatives and other supplies. 

3 separate work areas and a small desk added for Caty (since a 3rd desk will not fit into this area).  Each older child got a pretty new blue table desk.  I added a color wall for Lydia above her work area. 

We hung the time line project above the boys work area. 

A little less work area now because everyone is crammed in one work area, but we can expand out into the living room.  I can also take kids to the kitchen table to work alone or even the front porch to work on the floor.

The last few days haven't been that bad.  Everyone is gradually going to work in a new groove.  But they do love their new tables. 

Now I just need to finish re-organizing my work area in the dining room.  Oh and maybe take a stab at re-organizing the shelves in the living room to sort by subject and grade level.  I might even take a shot at organizing my hard drive....if it ever crashed I would cry for days....and days!


  1. Looking good!

    I have lots of curriculum and books too! Some here, some there! But I know were everything is. Mostly. LOL I recently organized "overflow" shelves about my husband's desktop computer. Lotsa room for more stuff now! LOL

    How fortunate you are to have a schoolroom though! We do school in the DININGROOM. Our diningroom doesn't quite look like a traditional one! LOL It works for us!

  2. WOW I thought I had a lot of curriculum I think you got me bet by a book or two:) Love your school room can't wait till I have one when we return to the states.