Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Weekly Triumphs

We had some relaxed homeschooling at the beginning of the week.  And we had some changes that I have been working at keeping in place.

Effective Monday, I am trying to keep the kids from watching too much commercial TV.  I am only allowing PBS Kids until evening, and the kids are really enjoying shows like Sid the Science kid and Super Why.  Lydia has even started to like Dinosaur Train.  The only show that none of them completely like is still Sesame Street.  But I can live with that.  I let them lounge until that comes on and then we crack open the books and start school.  I record favorites such as Team Umi-zoomi and Bubble Guppies and save them for treat.  Most shows they enjoy are all streamable through Netflix, so I don't really need to record much.  I have reached my limit with the new shows on Cartoon Network and their inappropriate content, so I really am working at cracking down on watching that channel due to the repeating of the shows content.  Joey goes around repeating the stuff and it's not appropriate for him.
Monday--I spent last Saturday in the ER with Lydia.  She has had  a cyst on her arm for a couple years.  The pediatric surgeon highly recommended we leave it alone, unless we had to do something.  So we agreed.  Well at some point in the last couple weeks, Lydia came in contact with MRSA and the infection settled in that cyst area.  So I called Monday morning to get her into the dr. to have her first follow-up.  Caty also has another UTI, so got her in too.  The appointment was in the afternoon, so we all worked on a few projects in the morning.  They all had handwriting and Lydia worked on beginning sounds worksheets.  The boys worked on their BIG IQ program.  Not a bad day, all worked assigned was completed....making me happy. 

Tuesday--  This was sort of a day off for the kids.  I ran my mom on grocery errands and then there was veggie share pick-up and the boys had bowling. 
We also picked up our newest member to the family...Rocky!

Here he is napping with Lydia tonight.  (On top of taking double antibiotics she has to have the heating pad on her arm for 30 minutes 3 times a day.  That's fun considering how hyper she is.)

Wednesday--I was working at the living room and rearranging, so the kids basically got the day off.  They had guitar lessons though.  And we discussed more about the guitar as a musical instrument.

Thursday--The schoolroom was up and ready to be used.  I was not feeling great at all.  So we had a somewhat casual day at school.  I packed their workboxes with activities and made myself available for questions from my 'command center' (yeah that's my name for the couch).  We watched a movie on from DK on the Human Machine in preparation for the start of our Human Body Science Unit.  They even did their guitar practice.  There was fighting over chair space, and we had a computer down.  So there was fighting over who has priority over using a computer for their schoolwork.  It was an interesting day.

Friday--Still just feeling so-so.  But got the kids going on their boxes.  First thing we did was science.  We started our Human Body unit by discussing what a living thing actually is and checklist for determining if an item is living or non-living.  And then I introduced a new topic to Lydia.  Non-living but once-living or never living.  We used cards from the Montessori Printshop to create a bulletin board to remind us for the next few days.

The kids made their way through their workboxes throughout the afternoon.  It was such a grumbling day for Lydia.  Se just fought and procrastinated....and procrastinated.  I was ready to lose my mind.  We were still finishing her regular schoolwork at 5 pm.  I almost gave up and told her not to worry about finishing today, but I knew that is what she wanted.  So I just kept as stubborn about things as she was being.

Caty discovered a new love of Geoboards.  She was being stubborn too and wanting to interrupt science class.  Well I kept redirecting her to other activities while we were having our discussion.  She finally gave up and agreed to try playing with the rubber bands.  Once I quickly showed her, she spent an hour or more playing with them.

Well that was our week.  Next week, we will be working on Cells in Science, typical reading, phonics and grammar work.  Return back to our Math Mammoth schedule and using Math-U-See with Lydia.  In US Geography we will be learning about Washington State. 

Everyone have a great weekend....linking up with other homeschool families. 

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  1. Oh, I SOOO agree with you on the current popular cartoons! Cartoon Network has the worst of them! In August I was tired of the cartoons and the drone of the TV all day and shut it down (along with video games). And you know what? The kids don't seem to miss any of it! They do get some TV now, but it's usually in the form of movies, shows we've recorded or PBS. (Have you seen Wild Kratt's? Word World?) I've seen BIG change in their behavior since limiting TV!