Friday, October 14, 2011

Our vist through Sweden--World Travelers Club

As many of our followers know, we belong to a monthly World Geography Club called World Travelers.  We have be bad at making the last two meetings due to illness and vehicle trouble.  But we still did our projects.  This month our trip was to Sweden.

We colored the flag and located Sweden on the globe, and by the end of the week the kids found it on their own.

Here's some facts:
  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Stockholm is made up of 14 small islands that are linked by 50 bridges. 
  • Part of Sweden lies inside the Arctic Circle and it is known as the 'Land of Midnight Sun' in this area due to the fact during the summer, the sun never sets.
  • Sweden is working hard at saving the Arctic Fox from Extinction.
  • Reindeers are important part of life in the northern part of Sweden
  • Sweden has a king.
  • Bread is an important part of any meal.  Bread used to be baked once a year and then stored on poles strung along the ceiling. 
We also learned about the area known as Lapland.

We also watched a really great Animal series on Animal Planet called Viking Wilderness about the animals of Scandanavia and how they learn to adapt to their envirnoment during harsh weather.  (Quite awesome considering we were also finishing up our fall study on migration, adaptation and hibernation!! I was able to tie a bunch of stuff together)

For their projects, Lydia chose to make a cookie stamp. 

There is not a finished picture because some idiot tried to dry out the clay faster....well I melted it instead of drying it.  Never going to do that again.

The boys chose easier projects. 

Joey chose to talk about Thor.  He thought it was cool that the word 'Thursday' is because that day was considered 'Thor's Day'.  He also learned about how the culture of Sweden considered Thor's hammer to have healing powers, and many people believed that he visited villages and parties that were had as anonymously as he could.

Brayden about the traditional Dala Horse.  I thought he did a wonderful job on his coloring.  This is a task that Brayden does not enjoy and he usually rushes through a coloring project and does a very messy job.  But with this picture he was very cautious and particular about where colors were being used.  It was great to watch.  He learned that a Dala horse was a toy and it has even been considered a National Symbol of Sweden.  Horses were so important to families, they were considered sacred.  They were usually carved from one solid piece of wood.

We also dug out our Disney World Geography books.  I forgot to get out the one on Greece last month.  I am going to look ahead for New Zealand so we don't miss one again.  All the kids enjoy sitting and listening to these stories.  One of the BEST yard sale deals we have gotten for our homeschool.

Today we made our World Culture meal of Swedish meatballs served the  traditional way with potatoes and gravy and a small amount of blueberry fruit spread.  The website said ligonberry jelly, but I wasn't running to the store.  It was very tasty!!!

Next month we will be traveling to New Zealand.


  1. Lapland is on our list of places to visit. Every year at Christmas they have an ice hotel and special Father Christmas exhibits. We almost went last year but something else came up. Hopefully we will get there one day.:)

  2. We love Swedish Meatballs. I have an old family recipe that has mashed potatoes in the actual meatball. Thanks for linking up with us at NOBH!