Friday, February 17, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 37

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week....

I am super stressed with the list of things that I need to accomplish.  I am on a Parent Booster Club for our local Special Olympics.  We are holding an indoor garage sale this weekend and next weekend to help send the Cheerleaders to their State Competition.  Lots of donations of pick up and sort through.  Our poor garage is full!!!  I can't even get to my treadmill right now.  I sorted through clothes all evenings.  25 boxes are now sitting full in my living room of just clothes.  The garage is full of housewares, dvds and vhs tapes, books and toys.  On top of the garage sale though, I am helping to plan a bowl-a-thon for our next huge fundraiser.  So our kitchen table is coated with fundraising letters.

The boys have been a bit on the difficult side.  Joey has a cough and is irritable.  Brayden is into everything at all times of the day.  He is exhibiting typical autistic behaviors and none of them are controlled currently.  His OCDs are taking over.

I am also helping to plan our Homeschool year end Expo and our Resource Sale.  There's just a lot going on as the school year winds down.  And all the events are spaced out ok, but it's the little things when you start planning something that makes them seem overwhelming sometimes.  Nothing that is horrible though and everything is manageable.  Just take a few deep breaths and keep on

In our homeschool this week....

In school, we worked on little things.  We worked on math, some handwriting, and of course our new science program.  The girls and I rowed our way through our first Five in a Row book.  We have used Before Five in a Row, but this is our first FIAR.  We read Katy and the Big Snow.  I think they enjoyed the activities.  Lydia had Girl Scouts and we also went to the Toledo Symphony Young People's Concert Series.  They started back ballet, and Joey is continuing his guitar lessons.  Brayden actually did a couple of assignments this week...finally.  And Joey played his heart out in two basketball games.

My favorite thing this week....

Was seeing how much Joey had improved in his basketball skills.  He used to pass the ball like it was a hot potato as soon as someone would had it to him.  But in the last few weeks, we gets in there and guards his player and even tries to take the ball.  He almost got the ball Monday night.  He also hasn't yelled at a Ref all season....Joey his first season was kind of known for telling the Refs that they didn't know how to call a shot.  They all laughed him off.  He provides a comical side for each game we play.  He has even started dribbling the ball down the court!!!

I'm reading....

Still trying to read in 

Product Details

I'm cooking....

I made some chicken and dumplings this week.  I also did something really simple yesterday and everyone really liked it.  I fried some unbreaded chicken breast tenderloins in coconut oil and only salted them.  I let them decided how they wanted to eat them.  Caty wanted them in a taco, which she ate for breakfast and lunch, and then for dinner at like 5 of them with just ketchup.  Joey ate them with ketchup and so did Lydia. Joe really liked Caty's idea of the taco and that is what he ate.  So simple and easy.  I fried them before Lydia and I left and stuck them in the fridge.  I stuck some of them in rice with tomatoes for my lunch in a thermos.  And when I got home they had eaten most of the plate, so I fried a few more quickly....yeah they are super quick for them to eat at dinner too.  They left no leftovers!!!  Got to remember that one for the future.

I'm grateful for....

My hubby putting up with my craziness right now.  There's a whole lot of it with a houseful of garage sale stuff (in a house and garage that was already packed full of stuff).  I keep telling him sales will be over next week and then it's just the craziness of the Bowl-a-thon on top of everything else in our lives.

I'm also grateful for my brother helping me get my new desk Wednesday.  I joined this online sale group (that is local to our county) and was able to purchase a really nice and HEAVY roll-top desk for myself for only $50.00!!!  Joe couldn't help get it since the muscles in his leg are still hurting from the gout attack.  So my brother went with me to get it, and helped Joe bring it in the house.

My favorite thing this week and a photo to share....

Lydia and I were front seat at the Symphony yesterday!!!  We were super excited.  The theme was Animals in Music.  And they even did Peter and the Wolf with a narrator.  Lydia loved it!!!

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  1. Wow! You sound REALLY busy! Phew!

  2. Sounds like a very busy season in your life.

    I loved the Hunger Games. I've read all of them twice now. LOL

    Popping in from the HSMJ