Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Weekly Accomplishments and Triumphs

weekly wrap-up

This week, we successfully managed to get done everything on the lesson plan!!!  Oh yeah!!!

Sunday, Lydia and I went to our first Girl Scouts Thinking Day.  The country our troop was representing was Cyprus.  

Our Troop Swap was a beautiful picture of Aphrodite Rock and a Butterfly Charm.  Because in Cyprus, Brownies are known as Butterflies.
 On Monday the girls were invited to a tea party at their friend Amelia's house.  It's a good time!!!
 Here they are decorating cookies.
 For World Travelers we are learning about Thailand.  I made Thailand Fried Macaroni for lunch.  It was super yummy!!!  I switched it up a bit because of the soy.  And added cilantro since I remember eating cilantro alot when we used to go out for Thai food.  We also watched a very gross episode of Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods on Thailand.  But switched it up when we watched a great video from Netflix on Thai food and culture.
 Culinary Horizon: Thailand

This movie was very interesting and had some great recipes in it!!!  We also found Thailand on the globe and discussed that it is part of Asia, and the similarities between many Asian cultures.  They colored a Thai flag and then decided on our World Travelers Club project.

We also made these cute little umbrellas and talked about the area of Northern Thailand where they hold an Umbrella Festival.

For Science, we worked on motion and force.  We tried to make a compass.  We were successful.  I think we would have even better results if we would have had a stronger magnet.

For history we just started a new history curriculum from Truth Quest.  This week we started Explorers of the Americas.  And that included the Vikings.

So this week we read about Vikings as Explorers.  We made a Long Boat out of cereal boxes.

And there's my wound from the scissors.  There was lots of blood, but it healed fast.

We talked about their clothing, court system, levels of society, and even Leif Eriksson.  Joey even did a report on his blog about him.  Joey has finally shown a maturity to work on small reports like this with help, so we are going to work on more of these on various subjects.  (I'll post next week all the books we used.)

To go along with clothing, we made broaches. 

 Caty is getting into schooling while the others are working.  Right now we include her in history and science as she wants.  And we are working on letter and number recognition.  She and I did a shadow box for Monday's non-edible book fest also this week.
We attempted to tap the tree in our yard for maple syrup, will try again tomorrow.  Our pipe fell out when the bucket blew over in the wind. So we are going to fix it tomorrow when the wind dies down.
 Joey and Lydia and I worked hard on their projects for Monday's Non-Edible book fest.  Here's Lydia's sunflowers drying on the table for her project. 

Lydia worked on her Headsprout Phonics this week.  It was amazing.  She hasn't wanted to touch the program, and now she's working with it and Reading Eggs.  Whatever is working right now though.  She is slowly progressing in her reading skills.  We are also working on the Reading Game for our site words.

In Math she completed another level in MUS Primer.  We need to work on counting by 5s.  She starts time next week with the program, and counting by 5s is very important.  So we may struggle a bit next week while she is remembering.  She will probably surprise me though.  In the meantime I have been randomly starting her to count by 5s in silly songs.

Joey went through a couple levels in Teaching Textbooks.  He is almost done with Grade 3.  We have been trying to reinforce some of the new skills that he is learning, but since he is still struggling remembering his times tables, we are going to step back in the next week or two and really practice those.  I just think it's so important to have those memorized.  He is still doing well with Teaching Textbooks, as long as I stay in the room and remind him to listen, slow down and look at any story problems step by step.  Otherwise his attention doesn't stay on the lesson long enough.  If I or dad are out of the room while he is doing his lesson, he fails it.  If we are in the room to help him re-read problems or remind him to stay on task, he passes, usually with an A.  

Joey also continued his Reading Eggs lessons.  He is using the comprehension program.  Again, it forces him to listen and refer back for answers.  Great program for visual perception and comprehension issues.  This week we worked on a blog post together on Leif Eriksson.  I think we are going to do this every week with a new person or animal.  It will help him to learn some research skills and also work on his typing skills.  Not to mention!!!

We also learned about New Mexico and Watched Post Cards from Buster on New Mexico.  We didn't do a fancy project this time.  Just colored the state flag and talked about state symbols.


The kids and I started reading The Secret World of Arrietty together also.  

The Secret World of Arrietty Picture Book (Arrietty Film Comics)

It was a busy week for schooling, and I am so proud and happy that we finished everything!!! Way to go guys!!!

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