Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Currituck Lighthouse Tour

While we were in the Outer Banks (in May), Lydia and I had the opportunity to visit Currituck Lighthouse.  We have visited lighthouses before, but I had never climbed one!  So I was pretty excited.

 Looking down.......
The view when we reached the top.  It was windy.  I am not a height person.  I cannot even paint the eaves on our house.  So I was shocked that I could walk around up there.

 Looking down.
They had neat facts about lighthouses at various levels of the climb.
These were examples of early lighthouses.

 All the lighthouses along the Carolina coasts.
 Lydia was a bit freaked out.


  1. I'm a bit freaked out at the top of lighthouses too. But my family loves them and whenever there is a lighthouse anywhere near our vacation destination, we try to hit it up. This has often been at the specific request of my teenage boys too!

  2. That's a lot of steps, my thighs would be hurting:) Looks like fun, I haven't found a light house yet that my kids can explore, adding it to our list of fieldtrips we need to do:)