Saturday, June 23, 2012

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 4

In my life this week....

Ugh, things were looking so up for us.  We were doing well, and then we literally were derailed.  Hit...hard.  I lost control of my van Wednesday morning on the way to taking Caty to the doctor for an ear infection and just destroyed our new van.  Lost control when my driver's tire went slightly off the road in a curve.  Took out a curve sign.  My poor baby had to be towed.  Caty and I were ok.  She kept talking through the entire thing, and then thought the officer was cool.  As I was cleaning our van out of car seats and a couple items when the tow truck arrived, she proceeded to tell him 'That is my blueberry bucket, and we didn't get to pick yet because someone picked all the blueberries that day and didn't share with anyone else!  I hate blueberries but like to pick them!'  He thought she was adorable.  She was fine considering the damage to her door and I have a sore arm.

Now we are waiting on the insurance and the dealership to get estimates and start fixing.  Joey had day camp a couple days this week, and of course Lydia always has a full schedule.  Poor Caty did have an ear infection (swimmers ear) and has to take drops.  My sister-in-law picked us up at the accident scene and nicely took us to the dr to get her looked at.  No pool until Sunday at least.

Which is good because I have to go and buy a new pool vac hose.  The one has a hole somewhere and I can't get it to work right.  The leave and ick from the rain the last couple days is driving me nuts in there.  I won't let them in until I get it fixed.

In our homeschool this week.....

It wasn't a bad week, but they really only did "school" for two days.  We filled in with reading and watching some interesting shows.  But their Math will continue into next week, and Joey didn't finish his 4H project this week either.  So we are going to have to work on that next week.

What I am reading....

I have not had time to really read all week.  I even signed up for our library's Summer Reading Club.  I am hoping for some downtime today to read in my Outer Banks History book.

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What I am cooking....

Well with the oven fixed..whohooo!!  I have been making some bread mixes and even made stuffed peppers the other night.  Also baked choco chip cookies that were GF/DF and Brayden didn't realize it even!  Going to make Joey some lasagna tonight.  And probably some zuchinni bread.   Haven't even thought about next week's meals yet...need to today!  Joe and I are also trying to have fresh made juice in our diet more.  I slacked off the last couple days because I wasn't feeling great with allergies and fibro issues.  But going to make a new one this morning!

A picture for our week....

Our house was at the end of the


  1. WHOA! Too much excitement in your week! Hoping next week is calmer for you guys.

  2. Oh, wow, I'm glad you guys were OK. I know you're disappointed that the van was damaged, but it can be repaired. Phew!