Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blowing up balloons...a new way!

This was a great experiment and the girls played and played for about an hour before I made them put this away.

You need vinegar, baking soda, balloons, and empty water/drink bottles.

 It's super easy, add the baking soda to the bottles, and then when you have your balloon ready to attach to the top of the bottle.....add the vinegar.  Quickly put the balloon on top and watch it expand.

 They were filling the bottles with alot of baking soda trying to see if it would make the balloons get bigger.
 It kind of did....some balloons worked better than others.
 Caty thought it was funny to see the baking soda they had spilled on the table bubble when she dripped the vinegar on it. 

The girls really played with this project over an hour....they were upset when I said I had enough of the smell and we needed to move to another project.  I am keeping the supplies for this on the shelf in my supply closet just for a future "I'm bored" day.  

The boys did not enjoy it as much.  Joey hates the smell of vinegar.  So he thought it was neat to watch once, but didn't want to continue to do the project.

Balloon experiment directions and details.....We did our a little different, which is why our balloons didn't get that large.  So we will be trying this!!!

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