Saturday, August 11, 2012

HSMJ#11 w/ our weekly accomplishments

In my life this week.....

I became super busy prepping for a trip I thought we were not going to get to take until October.  Kind of threw a wrench in the week.  The hubby is getting to go to Philadelphia and St. Louis, so we are wanting to tag along on those trips.  We were already going to Nashville in 2 weeks, but now we have added 4 days before we get to Nashville in Philly and 6 days in St. Louis after the week in Nashville.  Needless to say though I am super excited to visit Philly. Never been there!  And we are starting our study of the American Revolution.  So the timing is perfect.  We are planning to visit Valley Forge National Park and the US Mint as well.

Lydia started gymnastics this week.  And let me tell you ( pappaw used to say that all the, she is in love!!!!  But this month gymnastics is twice a week, next month it switches back to once a much more bearable.

I decided to clear off our shelves a bit and earn a bit more money for our unexpected trip.  Needless to say since I was planning two months from now, not much spending money available.  But still don't want to miss this opportunity.

I also had to re-work our lesson plans.  I included a week off, which will just include reading together about various Revolutionary War figures while we are in Philly.  But since I was reworking, I went all the way til the first week of November.  At that point, I will need to break out some new curriculum for Lydia.  By January, MUS will be getting a new order for Lydia and Caty will start Primer then too.  She is flying through our "preschool" math, and since she is 5 in January...I figure why not try her.

I also have some responsibilities at the Fair for Special Olympics and 4H.  So trying to get everything done and ready for that busy time.

What I am reading.....


What I am cooking.....

Chicken ala king.....mmmmmmMMMMM.  Made tacos with ground chicken, and even made chicken burgers with a type of gluten free hamburger bun.  Those were yummy.  Joey ate two burgers.

What has been working....

Trying to follow a schedule.  I hate to admit it, but gone are the days of winging it throughout the day.  We actually accomplished a lot this week, and I had a daily schedule typed up each day.  The boys used to resist schedules, but they seem to like what is happening.  I worked really hard at including snacks/breaks.  We took 10 am each day to watch a half-hour episode of Liberty Kids.  It was a relaxing time.  We got all of our work done and extra!!!!  So even though it's a bit more work for me, I think we are going to have to do this.

In our homeschool this week.....

We finished our entire lesson plan this week!!!  I am doing a little dance, and not  Just very proud that we did it!!!

So Brayden didn't realize I caught him leaning over and using the laptop's calculator to do his math on the other
 Lydia and I read the Ugly Duckling.  This is events cut and paste page from her literacy workbook.
 Joey worked on learning how to wrap a sprain in his First Aid project this week.  He also learned how to handle nosebleeds.  Daddy was nice enough to be the guinea pig.
 We showed him how to make a sling out of anything, including Mommy's sweatshirt.
 The girls brought a bunch stuffies and dolls into the living room to play doll hospital...Can we say they like the new show Doc McStuffins....They were playing so nice, I didn't even argue about how much they brought out (and there was more than this when they got
 They wanted a clipboard and markers while they were playing.  I said ok, and after a bit asked what they were doing.  They were creating their own x-rays to help out their dolls and stuffies to feel  Notice Madeline even has her appendix scar.
Joey had a couple science experiments.  We made frost on the the outside of the can.  Salt and ice mixed inside a metal can.  Leave it set and check every 10 minutes to see the frost form on the can.  This was very cool.

 Joey finished his Top Secret Adventures Australia.
 Caty was so proud doing this puzzle on her own.
 Joey attempted to build the Tuffula forest from the Lorax while we watched the movie together.
 The girls and I went on a nature walk trying to find and identify birds.
 Joey's other experiment was "Emerald Pennies".  We added other coins though to check it out.  When we put the coins in with the white vinegar.
 After 4 hours.
 Only the top looked like this.  The vinegar must mix with oxygen to get the chemical reaction.  So the part of the coins that was laying on the paper towel stayed clean.
 Some cool stuff:

Lydia's sun print earned 2nd place at the Ohio State Fair.  Her picture is the one with the red ribbon, 4 pictures to create one.
 Her horse project...upper right side of the picture, earned 1st place.
 Her Felicity American Girl Story project earned 3rd place.
 Her Dangers of Processed Foods earned 3rd place also.
At our county Fair, Joey's project is displayed..It's the center poster with all the pictures with black frames.  He did Focus on Photography 1 for his 4H project.  He earned an A on his project.
 Didn't our booth decorating committee do an really good job on this trophy!!!  They deserve rounds of applause for this large trophy they created for our group!
Sunday was our 4H Clubs Family picnic.  Lydia is a Cloverbud....and each Cloverbud earned a certificate for participating.
Caty looking at the Bluebirds fair project display of their activities.  She is upset that she may or may not get to participate this upcoming year.  She'll be 5, but not in kindergarten.  So I will have to see what the advisor says.

Lydia started gymnastics this week.  She is sooooo excited about this.  She has been asking to take gymnastics for about a year.  I finally gave in and she is in love.  She is learning how to do a cartwheel in this picture.  Her favorite American Girl right now is McKenna.

We started our 2 month long journey studying the American Revolution.  We have started watching the Liberty Kids series.  There's so much information in there, and Caty is even picking things up!  

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!

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