Friday, September 21, 2012

Rowing Together - Lentil

This week's story is Lentil.  This book about a boy who couldn't whistle was very neat.  He found a new talent, and help his town.  

The girls and I had a nice discussion about finding something we are good at.  It may surprise us, because it's probably not what we thought.

Because this story took place in Alto, Ohio....and we live in Ohio....the girls started calling Alto by our town's name.  It was cute.  We read a little about Ohio, they found it on the map and did some coloring sheet about the state symbols.
They learned the words to She's Coming Around the Mountain.
 Caty was really enjoying this little music video.
 Since the girls were able to walk in a parade in August, we discussed seeing the flag. And then about other National Symbols.  These are some great books about the flag that we read.  They also had the opportunity to visit the Betsy Ross house while we were in Philly, so this was kind of review.  They also listened to national songs such as the Star, Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful.  And we discussed how we can truly Respect the flag.  We reviewed the flag code.
We watched the movie short Lentil on You Tube.  Since Lentil doesn't have a cover that copied well, we chose a page in the story to copy.  They were coloring these while watching the little 10 minute movie.  ****This is really neat!
 The science section recommended senses and sound.  We worked on senses (I lost some of my memory card did something weird.) But these are what I did get back. We watched a senses kindergarten video on You Tube. (Yeah we used You Tube alot!)  This topic was really review for both girls.  So we did some fun activities.  We watched Sesame Street Senses (because I happened to catch it and record it Monday morning).  Lydia actually enjoyed watching Sesame Street (shocked me...)

We smelled spices and made spice sheets.

 They did taste tests for sweet, salty, sour and spicy.
Sound....filled the eggs with various objects.  The listened for high and low sounds.  Caty just started opening eggs...didn't feel like guessing.
Did a sheet of various textures for feel..
I counted watching Shirley Temple Curly Top as our  The girls love Shirley Temple.

The girls learned a bit about instruments that are in an orchestra or a marching band.  We used You Tube again to watch the sections of the orchestra.  They really liked this.  (Lydia now wants to try the cello....ugh!)

For an art project we talked how there was no color on any of the pages, and the thick/thin lines used to draw all the pics.  And the various levels of shading.  We bought some charcoal pencils and Lydia made her own sketch of the Dairy Bar downtown.  Lots and lots of hearts...way more than I remember.
We also enjoyed a picnic meal that would've been enjoyed during the time period Lentil was written for.  We had cold fried chicken, potato salad, and watermelon slices.  

 We made lemon bars (gluten/dairy free)

We are going to mix things up a bit.  We are going to be rowing through A Pair of Red Clogs over the next week...Very excited about visiting Japan!!!

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