Monday, September 10, 2012

What we are working on this week....

Here's the plan for the week....

We have our first Art class Monday morning.  We are very excited.  We will be meeting every other Monday for this class.  This week will be learning that artists use what they see, feel, hear and how they act to compose.

The girls and I will be visiting a local historical village on Tuesday with our homeschool group.  We are pretty excited.  This will go with our American Girl study.

The girls also start their Co-op this Friday.  We are hoping to attend our Nature Sketching class on Wednesday and of course World Travelers club restarts this week.  Way too much going on.

The boys will be starting back Teaching textbooks in Math.  Brayden will be finishing his Llama project.  Joey will be starting a new Top Secret project for Geography, but not sure what one yet because it's sitting down at the post  Haven't gotten the mail in 3  Joey will be starting his 3 week study about salt for science class.

Lydia and Caty will be starting Five in a Row this week.  We will be rowing The Story of Ping. 

 Lots and lots of fun activities.  Both girls will still be doing their reading/phonics programs, as well as their regular math.  We will be mainly be doing Five in a Row for Science, Social Studies, and Literature.  If we have some cross-over into other areas, no big deal.

In History, we will be reviewing the 13 colonies.  And learning about life in Colonial America.  We attempted to watch Felicity last week, but with no success because of the lack of a dvd player in our hotel suite.  So we will be watching this, and playing some games.  I have a ton from when we read the American Girl Felicity books last fall, so we will have plenty of material for this week.  We will be reading this book together....
And of course we will continue using:

We will also be learning where the Country of Turkey is for World Travelers club.  We are making turkish cuisine tomorrow night for dinner.  MMMmmmm can't wait, and hope the kids will all eat it.

That's how our week is playing out.....Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!

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