Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Weekly Adventures in Pictures - Week 28

This is how our week started.  Caty was rather croupy and everyone seemed sniffly and snotty.  But it only seemed to last a few days.  I ran the vaporizer with meds around the clock.  It seems to help every time.
We have a cool addition to our classroom.  My brother and sister-in-law were selling this x-ray light box, so we got it!  So far we haven't done much with it yet.  Lydia is working on her Geography project to go along with our American Girl reading.  We started reading Caroline, and studying the Great Lakes.
Lydia wanted to start online phonics again, so we started back with Headsprout.  I included her own site words and activities to reinforce.  Here she is working on a word ladder that I printed from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I laminated the sheets and put them in a binder that we keep with her workboxes.
Lydia is also working on place her Math Mammoth they are trying to teach a simple way to add double digits.  The trick requires separating numbers into place value.  For some reason she is struggling with the concept.  So we spent 3 days just working on place value through hundreds.
Lydia is very proud of her gel pen set.  She will do her handwriting without too much complaint.  
Watching a video on Lake Superior and coloring in her American Girl Caroline activity book.
Playing POP for Sight Words Game.
Another addition for Lydia is an easy Word Search puzzle book.  She is really enjoying these types of puzzles now.
 The kids each received a really big gift from Grandpa and Grandma last week.  So being behind as always, we just now got thank you notes ready.  Here Lydia is sitting with one of her presents she bought with the money they gave her (she bought her first American Girl Doll - Julie....Kit is
All of our thank you note supplies spread across the table.
The boys had their regular work, and Joey is continuing his study of weather.  Only a couple weeks before we get to see and talk with a Meteorologist from a local news station.  Here are a couple books he read this week, and he also watched a Magic School Bus episode on weather.  Brain POP has been a life-saver this week, because their science videos are great.  Joey and Brayden watched a lot of videos based on their respective science themes.
I found this math game during my decluttering....I downloaded this over 4 years ago when I first started homeschooling.  There is no name on it and I lost the original file, so if this game happens to be yours, please let me know and I will give you credit.
Each popcorn kernel has a simple addition problem on it.  I had these old popcorn bags that they can sort the kernels into.  Lydia is learning to use a number line.  So I included her hundreds chart to help her out.
Our science project of the week, from Hooked on Science.
You'll need a bar of Ivory Soap...and paper towel or a dish.

Unwrap the bar, and microwave the soap for 1 minute.
Make sure to watch what is happening....
Because it makes a major transformation!
Lydia had fun playing with the results.
Brayden stayed out of pictures this week, except when I was getting his picture with his DS for his thank you card.  Brayden did his schoolwork reluctantly.  But he did finish his book and questions on Ben Franklin.  He worked on his Thank you note, and finished all his math.  He watched videos on animal migration and hibernation this week.  I have been using the Brain Pop Jr. Science with him.  He watches the videos and then we discuss them.  He enjoys them, and I just work around his

Next week, we are going to play games and read.  It's going to be a reading week here.  The library books are all stocked and the Kindles are loaded

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