Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Week in Pictures - Week 32!!

We've had some interesting times the last couple weeks.  I didn't get our pictures posted last week, so I thought I would add them now.

Caty has decided she loves tap dancing.

I the show Downton Abbey.  So I made a themed meal for it....English roast, carrots, brussel sprouts (from our, and gf/egg/dairy-free yorkshire pudding w/ homemade gravy.  And plopped by body down to watch Season 3 premiere Sunday night.  Of course I had to DVR it, I mean...we can't watch anything on time and we have to be able to rewind because of whiny, screaming and crying.
Joey has been learning about Ben Franklin, so we tried to get the glasses to play like his glass armonica.  We were not successful ... oh well.  He did watch a little blurb from the History Channel about Ben Franklin.
 We did Celebrate National Straw Day last week.  We had milkshakes/smoothies and built things with straws.
This is a raft for
My nieces creation.
 Lydia learned about sharks...this was a great video!
Joey, Lydia and I went to a weather program at an area planetarium.  It was very cool.  They even played a film that simulated us riding a roller coaster on Mars!
Lydia is working on making a skiffer for her American Girl Doll.  We are reading the Caroline series right now.
 I took the girls sledding one early morning before it warmed up and this round of snow melted.

 The boys decided to play some games instead of do their schoolwork.  I wasn't sure whether to be upset or not, since they were playing together!
Lydia is working on remembering addition and subtraction facts.
 She tried to make gingerbread, almost completely on her own.  She forgot something or put to much of something in...because it burnt.  We'll try again!
Joey worked on his Ohio History.  This week he was working on state symbols.

Joey has started posting on his blog again.  I am trying for once a week.  And also, sentence structure and spelling.

Brayden loves his Connect 4 Launchers game.  It's like Angry Birds without the birds!
Joey and I made a Ohio Symbol Timeline.
Lydia and I attended a Meet the Meteorologist event with one of our favorite news channels.  He did an awesome job.  It was a great program!!!
 "Caty School" will post on Tuesday.  She worked on some fun stuff.  Today she decided she needed to make a rainbow.  She finished her other work, so I didn't argue :)
Sometimes our life is upside down...but that only makes it more fun!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful week!  We accomplished our entire schoolwork list!!  Whoohoo!!!  Now mommy needs to tackle some other projects.  Linking up with other homeschool moms at:


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  1. Wonderfully Exhausting Week!!!!!! Wonderful pictures! I absolutely love Caty tap dancing!!!