Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our week in Pictures - Week 33

So I am trying to catch back up from all the little's taken me a bit.  So here are pics from our activities last week.

Joey is studying Ohio History/Geography for the next several months.  This week we borrowed an artifact box from the Ohio Historical Society.  It had samples of items that would've been excavated from the mounds and areas of the First Ohioans.

 It was full of all kinds of great materials!  Including a DVD about the Hopewell of Ohio.
 We even played a game played by the Hopewell Indians that was similar to Boche ball, it's called Chungke.  We didn't play with spears, we chose to use balled up socks.  Much

 We looked at our timeline, and looked at the timeline period of Ohio.
Lydia started her Geography wall.  We are learning 2 Geography terms each week.  Can I just say, I have learned a new one already...and we only have 4 terms we have learned!
 The kids did a color wheel from Mama Jenn's blog.

 Brayden didn't have any trouble with this had to do with M &!!

 Lydia has been working on a model plane with Grandpa and Grandma.
 She and I also made her Julie doll a small bag.
She also painted a design on the bag.
 Joey had a guitar lesson.
 Lydia got to touch a ball python at her zoo class.
 She built lots of little LEGO designs with both DUPLOs and regular LEGOs.
 She made bookmarks for people at Scouts.
 And I found a little set of steps in the garage to help her reach the stove.  She loves being able to be above the stove.  She is trying to cook so bad.

Brayden hid from the camera a lot!  He did various projects and all his school work I had down for him to finish.  The same with Joey.

Caty did lots of little things in short increments to finish her schoolwork this past week.  Watch for all Caty does in her own post called Caty school :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!

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