Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our workboxes for the New Year

I have been using workboxes again to get things a little more organized.  The girls have actual drawers again.  I fill 5 drawers each, and use the bottom drawers for storing materials.  (Forgive the pics...I am learning how to use my iPhone camera..lol).  This is the girls boxes this next week.  Because of all the running, we have been doing schoolwork on the weekends to make up for our days off and field trips.  I am not completely cruel though....lol.  I have been working with them about an hour or two a day.  

Lydia's boxes....
 Math---practice using a number line for addition.
 Her Artist study--I am making her do her project over because she got an attitude and did not complete the assignment correctly.  So we will be doing this one again.  Usually we do one day a week where we talk about artists.
 American Girl drawer - Lake Michigan and Caroline books.  I have a DVD on Lake Michigan and one on the Great Lakes that we will be watching this week also.
 I printed the Homeschool Share lapbook for her.  We did not get the Shark book I wanted from the library yet, so we are using National Geographic website and Books.  And this shark site also.  We are also watching old Shark Week episodes on Netflix.  She has started carrying around her stuffed shark she got from the St. Louis Zoo.
 This drawer holds a couple subjects.  It has phonics, grammar and her journal for handwriting.
 I didn't get a picture of Caty's full set of boxes, but they are the same as Lydia's...except black.

Drawer #1---Math.  She had two options I will be switching out.  Her roll the dice and cover the dots and also pipe cleaners and pony beads.
 Drawer #2 is Fine Motor - Here is a playdough activity.  She will make mini-marshmallows for the hot cocoa with playdough...maybe I'll make a small batch of hot cocoa playdough just for this...lol.  Also will be zipping activity and sock skills!
 Drawer #3 - Letter D this week.  It has another playdough activity card.  Her Alphatales (which she LOVES!!)...and her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Alphabet writing book.
 Drawer #4 - She wanted to learn about Goldfish this week...
Drawer#5 - Her Scholastic News, this week it's on the Arctic and Antarctica regions.  I also found this snow book at the library for her.

The boys have opted out of the "drawers" style, they wanted boxes that held their items.  So I found these two different boxes on a Facebook group that is like an Online Garage Sale.

I type out what is expected of them each day, so they can check off as they finish.  This is an easy day for him.  They typically only work on grammar twice a week.  History is 2 times a week.  He prefers Brain Pop for Science right now.  It's more work for me in prep to go this route, but for the most part they are getting their work done.
 I keep all the materials they need right behind the direction sheet.  I also include user name and password for any assigned materials online.

 Joey's box loaded and ready to go also.
This is how the kiddos have requested to try things for the second half of the year.  So I guess we'll see how it goes!

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  1. Happy new year, Renita!

    I am strongly considering work boxes for my homeschool, too. . .except I don't have any drawers or boxes yet! But, the more posts I see about workboxes, the more I can see how they'd fit into our routine. Thanks for sharing this!