Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Caty School

Caty had a week of various activities.  We reviewed the Letter C and read our Letter D book.

In Science we read about the eye.  And then tried to draw her eye.  I asked her what happened, and she said that she wanted to draw the inside of her eye.

She is using the little mirror on the Dora doll dresser to look at her eye.

 We mixed colors with Color Paddles.
We read about homes around the world.  We printed pictures we found on the internet and made a poster of all the houses we found.
She had fun trying to roll out her pizza crust for her homemade pizza.

We played some games last week.  She loves this stacking Smurfs game we have.  So we played that, and Dora UNO.  And we even got in a little Scooby Doo Chutes and Ladders.

She asked to start playing guitar more.  She strummed along to Mary had a Little Lamb.  Who knows if she will like it or not.
 She returned back to tap dancing after a two week break because of our trip and illness.
She did school work last week, but after she was sick with that bad UTI we got out of the swing of things.  We played games. But no official "school" work.  So we are gradually making our way back to her schedule.

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