Monday, February 11, 2013

What we are up to this week....

Another busy wouldn't seem like life without those!

For schoolwork:

Math - Comparing & rounding thousands
Grammar - Essentials in Writing - Simple Sentences
Science - The Plant World
Ohio History - Early Europeans in Ohio
Bible - Jacob and Esau
Scholastic News - Learning about Rosa Parks
Adventure Club - George Washington
Handwriting - Handwriting without Tears cursive

Math - Review topics from this month
Grammar - Essentials in Writing
Science - Start lesson on Bees
Scholastic News - Learning about Rosa Parks
Bible - Lot
Social Studies - Harriet Tubman
Adventure Club - Finish George Washington Book
Reading Comp - Reading Bad Kitty and Reading Comp book

Math - Starting Touch Math Grade 2 (watch for the upcoming review)
Science - Finish learning about Caniforms & Experiment from Hooked on Science
Spelling - AAS#1 & 2 (We are going very slowly with this.)
Reading - McGuffey reader
Phonics - A Beka Letters and Sounds
History - SOTW Book 1 CH 1 Earliest People
Bible Study - Creation of Man
Geography - Canyon and Cape
Art - Mark Rothko
Handwriting - I downloaded a new cursive writing app

Letter/Phonics - Hooked On Phonics PK (she will be starting this new this week)
Handwriting - Handwriting without Tears Wet/Dry app
Math - Practice Counting to 25, counting by 2s and writing numbers
Gym - playing catch with a very soft ball
Science - Shadows
Geography - What are maps?  Draw a large map of our house
Art - Dot Painting
Games - Frog Hop, Dora Uno and Puzzles
Speech therapy - Concentrating on the F and S sounds (playing with Go Fish speech cards)
Stories - Winter stories

That is how our week looks.  We have double gymnastics (because she has a make-up class due to her hand injury), tap dancing, storytime at the library, Joey has two games to cheer in, Brayden has basketball practice, zoo class and of course guitar.  We have Art class tomorrow too.  I also have some extra responsibilities this week for some clubs.  

Everyone have a wonderful and safe week!!!

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