Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Week 36 in Pictures...

We actually accomplished everything on our to-do list, except one last minute addition.  We'll be working on that today.  All said and done, we did have a good week school-wise.  

Brayden hid to do most of his work, except specific assignments where he had to work with me.  He thought I didn't know he was watching videos on his  

Lydia working on her Reading.  We went old-fashioned and I printed the McGuffey Reader.  We are slowing working our way through a few lessons a week.  She is picking reading up.
To go along with the McGuffey Reader, we are using ABeka Letter and Sounds.  It's helping with the phonics/sounds side.
 This week she started a Smash Book or a version of scrapbooking.  She is doing a page a day.  It's only 8 X 8.  I helped her this week, but next week she will be on her own.

 Wednesday I helped the kids make homemade pizzas for lunch.  They rolled out their own crusts, and I made homemade sauce.  Some of them still will only eat jar sauce....yuck.

 Lydia was taking the pictures, so we didn't get any of her making her pizza.  But here is her finished creation.  I just realized that she wore this shirt a lot this week!
 Our science experiment this week was Floating Candy from Hooked on Science.
 The candy that sinks is denser.  Our whole box of candy sunk to the bottom of the bowl.
 We found a 3 Musketeer fun size bar that floated.
And then it was time to eat....
 Even Daddy got in on this....they were looking for caramels.
Because she has made such good progress on her reading, we started All About Spelling Level 1 this week.  It'll be slow going.  Instead of the letter tiles, she prefers the magnetic letters.
 The kiddos love the icicles outside this week.
 Working on art class.
Brayden came out to long enough to work on his Grammar and George Washington assignment with me.  Actually he spent most of the day that day at the table working by me.  But to be honest I think it was just to annoy Lydia.
Lydia studies the Days of Creation.  And yes....I realize she did the sixth day backwards.  But it was too late, and she was so proud of her work.
 Lydia decided she wants to help learn how to do dishes...whoohooo!!  We'll see how long this lasts.
 Caty started back to tap/ballet class.
Lydia attended a little scrapbooking class a friend was giving.  She made greeting cards.
 Joey cheered at his first game.
 Joey sat in the background of the scrapbooking class watching a movie and drawing.  And yes he whined a lot!
Lydia had an appointment to check her hand when we got back.  We worked on Science at the doctor's office.
 Joey started back guitar lessons this week.

That was our week.  Lydia had a playdate at a friend's house where we also got to scour through piles and piles of really cool clothes from India.  We are attending a World Thinking Day event and our country of choice is India.  So Lydia and I will be decked out all pretty for the event!

Next week will be a blast too.  Lots and lots to do, including a trip to the zoo for class.  We also have Art class on Monday.

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  1. we are studying India too this month:) Cool you get to see real clothes from India. Did you get to try on a Sari. We are going to a Hindu shrine this week as part of that unit. Keep up the amazing work with your kids