Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Caty School

Our topic this week was the Moon.  We also learned about Moon Bears.  So I chose this story for us to read.

Caty is making a textured bear for her art project.
 I cut out her bear shape.  She painted it with brown tempera paint and while it was still wet, she sprinkled coffee on it.
This was her final project.  She really liked this project.
Lydia, Caty and I colored in this book and another one that was Spongebob this week.  I bought Caty some of those triangle "antiroll" crayons to help with her pencil grasp.  They seem to be helping already!  So will probably get her some pencils also.
She helped Lydia and I build a structure out of mini-marshmallows and spaghetti.
In math, we worked on creating patterns and following them.  ABABAB, AABAABAAB, ABCABC, etc.  We labeled them and then used our blocks to create some just like them.
I used the Evan Moore Teacher Filebox Science files on the Moon Phases with Caty.  We took Oreos and made them look like the different moon phases.  Caty was adding "moon rocks" she said. .....I wasn't going to argue because she did her science without complaint..lol!!

She and I read this book together about the Moon.
 While playing Sequence Letters to start practicing our beginning sounds....
We watched a video on the mistreatment of the Moon Bear.  It was really sad!
Because puzzles are great for Visual Perception and fine motor, really trying to get her to like them more.  Found this one at Dollar Tree....it's Mickey Mouse so she liked it.
She actually finished all her work, so I was pulling out our busy activity stash to make up some fun work for her on Friday.  So I dug out these DUPLO cards I found at Money Saving Mom.

We also started a project seeing how the water goes up the stems of flowers.  This will be in next weeks post :)

We had a nice week......she aslo work on her Hooked on Phonics.  The Letters E and F.  But didn't have any pics of that this week.

See everyone in next week's post.....if you have any suggestions to help with pencil grip, I am all ears. Please let me know!

Thanks ;)

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