Monday, March 18, 2013

What we are up to this week.....

We have a full....full...full week planned this week.  I am hoping that we are able to finish our "schoolwork" around our activities.  But it's a great learning week.  Tomorrow we have SMASH Club.  On Tuesday, Caty has a class at the Metroparks on reading the signs of Spring.  Then on Wednesday we are going to learn how they make Maple Syrup!!  So very excited about that field trip!!!  Thursday we have Girl Scouts.  And then we are spending the weekend with our family.  Can't wait!

This is our "schoolwork" this week:

Math - Comparing numbers, greater than or less than
Science - Planets in our solar system.  He'll be building a model
History - Joey is learning about Daniel Boone, working on his reading this week.
Spelling - Regular work
Handwriting - Cursive O and review of letters
Computer - Working on using Basic
***If we are able, he does have Grammar - Imperative Sentences
He'll continue working on his 4H Food and Drawing projects

Math - Word problems with multiplication
Science - Meteoroids and Planets in our Solar System
History - End of Revolutionary War and Lewis and Clark this week
Spelling - Regular work
******If we are able, he does have Grammar - Imperative Sentences 

Math - Learn to tell time by 5 minutes and adding to 16
Reading - Daily sound sheets and new phonics lessons.  
Bible - Isaac
History - Story of the World chapter 5 - First Sumerian Dictator
Science - Volcanoes

Story this week...Night of the Moon Jellies.  
Learn about jelly fish.  
Math - differences in objects
Phonics - Review of letter sounds with videos (going to be a car schooling

We'll all be reviewing about how maple syrup is made for our field trip on Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

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  1. we can't wait to do the maple syrup field trip next year on our return to the states:) Lots of great stuff going on