Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Learning about Rainbows....

I have been way behind on blogging.  Things have been difficult to keep up with at home, and I have been doing the bare minimum to keep up in this area.  So I am making an effort to get a bit ahead.

The girls and I spent a few days learning about rainbows.  This is one of Caty's favorite things to draw and see in pictures.

Some of the resources we used....

First we read stories and talked about rainbows and their colors....

And then we did experiments....

We learned about colors separating.  This experiment uses whole milk, Dawn/Palmolive dish soap and food coloring.

 They practiced color mixing with slides.

 Our Magic School Bus Kit involved Rainbow glasses.  You can see the look on her face when she looked up at the light.
 These were the highlight of the kit!!
They used a prism and flashlight to try and make rainbows.
 And also the back of a cd.

When we were done with our experiments the girls watched the Magic School Bus on Rainbows.  They did draw rainbows, but I do not have pictures of them.

It was a fun week to learn more about spring!!

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