Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Painting on Cloth

I haven't done an art class post in a while.  Last art class we learned about tapestry art.  We talked briefly about how elaborate the weaving is.  We didn't actually "weave" though.  If you are interested in learning more...Here is some information.

Designs told a story or a tale.  

I found a link about how they made the "rugs" as Caty called them:

A word of French origin naming a fabric in which the two processes of weaving and embroidering are combined. The woof is not made in the usual way by throwing the threads with a shuttle, but is added to the warp by the aid of a needle carrying a short thread of the colour called for by the design. The fabric produced by this method of work, in which richness of colour and exquisite gradation of tints are easily obtainable, is a mosaic made up of dyed threads. It is used for wall-hangings, floor and furniture coverings.

Our group used cotton cloth that I found at Hobby Lobby, and cut in into small 5X7 squares.  The kiddos do better when we have smaller pages to fill, and I make sure they have multiple chances to create.  They used oil pastels to draw on the fabric.  Much simpler than trying to teach 15 kids of various ages how to weave.  I will tackle that next year :)

Their assignment was to create a life scene..

Caty just loved drawing lines because the oil pastels were very easy to use on the fabric.  I called it "My Life of Craziness".

 Lydia re-created her favorite artist Mark Rothko...

And of course, Caty's favorite subject of art....Rainbows 
 Lydia also re-created Starry Night.
This was another popular art project with all the kids.  We are going to miss the class on Stain Glass, so I hope the kids like that as much.

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  1. Great job, we went to a tapestry museum in Paris and they work as amazing.