Thursday, April 25, 2013

Visiting the Franklin Institute - Part 1

What did we do our First Day in Philadelphia?  Visited the Franklin Institute.  This is such an enormous science center.  I felt it is a fitting tribute to Benjamin Franklin as he was really such an inventor and there was so much there for the kids to experiment with.

I love the entrance to this museum...

What is inside our blood...we made "blood" this past summer, but of course no one seemed to remember it.  Go figure, ours was similar to the mixture in the tube.  Do you know what color blood really is?
These are super cool benches!
Learning about the importance of exercise.
The Giant heart
Learning about issues in our lives that we can change to help stay healthier.  he had to check his risk factor for heart disease by putting a black block on side if he could say no, and a white block for yes on the other side.  And then it showed what his risk factor was....
This was pretty neat...Great activity to show how plaque builds up in your lungs.

This was very cool.  There was a video of a surgery playing.  I found it very interesting.

They could see the differences in a CT Scan, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound as they moved the screen over the body.
There was a whole section on Electricity.  I didn't get to see it all because the exhibit was loud at times,  and freaked Brayden out.  So we waited outside for everyone else.
Some of Ben Franklin's experiments.

This static electricity was cool.  And I got shocked pretty good.

 Kicking back and letting someone else do all the work.
 Seeing how the cooling system in a space suit works.
A cooling suit layer.

The difference in cameras and why NASA wants higher pixel cameras.
 This was fun to see where things are actually "sitting" in our atmosphere.

 Joey and some other kids controlling a flight.

I will have another post....this science museum is chocked full!!!

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