Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are still around.....

It's been a couple weeks since I had a real "post".  I did Homeschool Mothers Journal last week.  We took a couple weeks and sort of laid low.  I really tried to get some spring cleaning accomplished....yeah that didn't really happen.  I tackled a few areas of the house, but still feel behind.  We did read and practiced math facts, played a few "educational" games.

Life has been really stressful, and it's stress that I am having a hard to ignoring.  No matter how much I pray....still feeling it.  My personality wants me to finish all I can, even if I am just exhausted.  There are so many things to get done.  It's all the little projects that add up.  It also doesn't help that 3 of our 4 kids do not realize how much of a mess that they make, and then walk away.  It takes constant reminders to get them to remember their plates to the sink or to leave their shoes in the garage.  Somedays I feel like it's just quicker to do it myself, and I wrestle with that daily.

The main thing we are tackling right now are emotional roller coasters.  Joey is having major issues with outbursts.  Caty is having trouble dealing with her emotions also.  There is never...ever...a quiet minute in this house.  And it's not the normal noise of children, no it ranges from screaching at the top of the lungs about something imaginary to "I am so scared.....AHHHH!".  I think this part of our lives over the last two weeks has taken a huge emotional drain on both Joe and I.  We are working together as a team to control the situations....but WOW...we both are mentally and physically exhausted when we are done.

To help diffuse the situations and inability to control emotions, I have turned to essential oil sprays in our house.  And also found a homeopathic liquid "medicine" for Caty.  I plan on bringing it with me to the boys med checks on Monday to verify that it will work for them also.  I am glad the boys doctor doesn't laugh at me or chastise me for attempting to limit the amount of meds that the kids have to take.  He likes the idea of finding alternatives if they are available.

We are getting back on track right now.  We have been doing "school" this week.  I am still tackling the large amount of paperwork and rethinking schoolwork for all the kids.  I definitely got into the habit of know that familiar time where we homeschool parents see all this cool stuff that our kids MUST know and we try to cram it all in.  Yeah, I need a support group.  My name is Renita, and I overteach.  I just need to stitch a sampler for my wall that says, "If we're not having fun, then it's time to stop!"

I am going to try and do a few more personal we are entering the teen years, ASD is exhibiting in new and strange ways.  Not to mention we are experiencing deja vu in a lot of instances with other members of our family and the ASD spectrum.  I think it might help my stress a bit to share what we are experiencing.  We'll wait and see though :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!!

Hugs to all :)

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