Friday, June 7, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 2

In my life this week.....

It's been a bit overwhelming.  4 different kids at 4 different levels and all have a little bit different style.  So that means that mom is spread in 4 different directions and that doesn't count all that mom is responsible for besides their education.  I almost forgot to pay the electric

It has also been difficult because of Joey's drastic med changes.  I am working on trying to get the insurance to cover his drugs, as well as the doctors office is trying for us too.  Poor kiddo can barely function on the lower doses of his meds, and you can see it when he is trying to concentrate.   He is more anxious and prone to impulse issues.

Joe and I are taking a historical canoe trip on the Maumee River this Saturday...really excited about that!!  2 hours canoeing on the's a 3 mile trip.

I am officially training for a 5K at the end of July.  I am hoping the extra exercise will help with fibro issues....not sure yet, but keep hoping.

In our homeschool this week....

We didn't get a chance to get our ant farm going yet.  I have the stuff out, but haven't been out to dig up and look for our ants.  Hoping to tomorrow afternoon.

Our first science club went wonderful this week.  Our little group did magnetic experiments and talked about where magnets come from and how they were discovered.  Can't wait until our next meeting on Monday.

The kids assessments were done today....check one more thing off the summer to-do list.  Our district has a tendency to "lose" our paperwork.  So I decided to start early this year so there is plenty of time to resend paperwork....repeatedly like I have had to in the past.

Brayden managed to get out of his work for two days, and learned the hard way today.  He had to do 3 days worth of schoolwork today to get caught up and not lose his internet privileges.  He is only behind on one assignment now, and it's a mom and me assignment, so we'll work on it tomorrow.  Even with Joey's control issues, he managed to keep up with his schoolwork.  His only assignment he is behind on, is the one he needs to do with me.  I will do those with him tomorrow also.

I think I have figured out Lydia's next math program as she finishes up her Touch Point Grade 2.  We have been debating about staying with the program or switching.  But it's still a big...I think.  So not revealing too much yet.

Projects I am working on.....

I need to start my photography course.  I really want to get it done so I have my certificate.  Plus I really do want to learn more about all the cool settings on my camera.

I managed to clean out my art supply closet last weekend, this weekend I want to clean up the area known as the "schoolroom".  I want to clean up the shelves and clean up/organize the stuff I have on the shelves.  I know I am forgetting items that we need to be using.  So I need to get it done.

I am also trying to learn more about essential oils.  I started a Pinterest board with "recipes" I am finding to help.  The gout med that I made up for my dad seemed to help him fairly fast.  Hoping that it did.  I started using a "Calming the Child" blend with Caty.  For my workout pain, I have been using a combination of clove/peppermint oils.  It is also helping my neckpain, and the peppermint essential oil seems to be helping with mental clarity.  I am in desperate need of

I am also trying to get a bunch of blog posts pre-written and uploaded for this busy summertime.  I feel very behind on our blog, and want to work to share all we do.

Also working on Science Club information for our weekly Science activities with our friends.

Things I am reading....

Things I am cooking.....

I made a little treat for the kids tonight.  Chocolate chip cookie dough (egg-less) to eat.  Brayden freaked out wouldn't touch it.  But Joey, Caty and Lydia loved it.  It was pretty simple.....rice flour, coconut oil, cane sugar, raw honey, Enjoy life choco chips and a touch of water.

Lydia and I made gyros to go with our study of Greece.

I also figured out a yummy coleslaw recipe using apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, a little touch of coconut milk and a couple spices.  It was good!  Made a couple good salads.....used leftover chicken from last nights grilling to make chicken/broccoli rice casserole.  Lydia loved it and ate more than I have seen her in a while.

The other day made homemade steak fries, which Joey and Joe turned into chili cheese fries.  A couple got a little crisp, but they were still yummy.

Our week in pictures.....

This is a 2nd kitten that Lydia found Friday.  So we are now taking care of two kittens....yuck.  This one appears to be about 2-3 weeks younger than Nermal, it's name is Brownie.

Lydia found Princess addition and subtraction cards at the Dollar store....HAD to have them.  I bought them if she won't complain about her flashcard practice.
She is learning about Greece for the next couple weeks.
Listening to a book on cd while I was working with Caty (and yes...that is a cat she is holding yet again.)
 Learning about magnets at various learning centers during Science Club.....
 Learning about magnets at various learning centers during Science Club.....

 Learning about magnets at various learning centers during Science Club.....
  Learning about magnets at various learning centers during Science Club.....

I don't know how they are swimming in it, it's freezing!!!  But the kids have been in the pool almost daily.

We went to an art event to create art for an upcoming Children's Art Auction to benefit our friend Trini.  Caty made a popsicle house
Lydia made a really different portrait.
This is the girls with our friend Phoebe who came to help at art that day!
Brayden seems to be enjoying the Simple Schooling interactive science program.
Lydia learned a little about Leonard da Vinci this week.  Here she is starting her version of the Mona Lisa.
Almost finished with it.  Has definite Lydia flair, including
 She is working on her "life mask".  Leonardo's teacher was know for his death masks, so we decided to have her create a life mask to tell about her life and what she loves.  This will be a work in progress.

Caty working on her following direction sheets and math work.

Caty and I are finishing up our seed unit.  She picked up a few maple seeds and we are going to watch them sprout.  And then she wants to plant them in dirt, as if we didn't already have enough maple trees growing on our property.
Caty is learning the Phonics Dance.  This is fun and helping her remember her letter sounds.
Since Lydia was allowed to paint, Caty had to also.  So here she is "creating" a masterpiece.
We had a fun week!  All the kids basically finished the majority of their schoolwork already.  It was a struggle and we did schoolwork at "odd" times of the day, depending on what we had to get done.  But as long as it gets done and they were able to retain it....that is all that matters.

Hope everyone else had a great week!!!

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