Monday, June 10, 2013

What we are up to this week....Week 3

We actually have a pretty easy week.....I am hoping to stay home as much as  We do need to go to the Library and sign up for the summer reading program.  It starts tomorrow.  The kids have a 4H meeting, and Joey starts golf this week also.  Lydia has violin....ah man....won't be staying home as much as I wanted to.


  • Grammar - recognizing nouns in paragraphs
  • Math - addition with regrouping
  • 4H - finish up his Snack attack project book (hopefully)
  • Government - Elections process
  • Science - Life in Forests
  • Reading.....lots of reading for Summer Reading Club
  • Presidents - John Taylor, James Polk, and Zachary Taylor


  • Grammar - recognizing nouns in paragraphs
  • Math - Refresher in Multiplication
  • Science - finish up Big cats unit
  • History - life after the Civil War
  • He needs to finish and put final touches on his Webpage design so he can finally show Grandpa....but he was pretty picky.
  • Reading .... lots of reading for Summer Reading Club
  • Landforms - more Geographical landforms (peninsulas,etc.)


  • Math - more addition/subtraction practice
  • Grammar - verbs
  • Spelling - 10 new words
  • Science - Weather 
  • History - Finish up more on Ancient Egypt
  • Reading - Looney Tunes Phonics and move onto Primer (1st grade sight words)
  • State Fair projects .... many posters laid out and started planning, but need to actually finish them
  • Artist study - Albrecht Durer
  • Handwriting - Continue practicing cursive
  • Math - Number recognition
  • Phonics Dance
  • Reading....lots of reading
  • Whatever she choses for busy activities
  • Science - bugs...most likely ants this week
Hope everyone has a great week.....See you on Friday!!!

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