Saturday, July 6, 2013

Favorite pics from Week 5 & 6....

A few moments from the last two weeks...

Firefly hunting.
 We were at a funeral home, and it was very crowded for Caty.  So we stepped outside.  What did we do, oh well she went bug hunting in the flower shrubs.  Here she is smelling the b-u-tiful flowers.
 The girls learned how to peel carrots and make a carrot/raisin salad.  Caty loved making it, but wouldn't touch it.

Lydia working hard at writing part of her report on Jane Goodall.
We went target practicing.
 Made sponge bombs for the kids to play with in the pool
 Joe enhanced our deck with a bigger we can have movie nights out back.
 Caty lost a tooth....her first
 Lots of fruit salad this week.
 Caty and I read about two different kinds of animal habitats this week, rainforests and grasslands.
A shrimp salad we had for lunch one day this week.
 It was so cold earlier in the week, that Joe was working on the deck and got a blanket out to stay warm.  I lived in my sweatshirt the first 3 days of the week.
 Another yummy meal.....cajun burgers served with salad and tomatoes.
 The girls with their cousin Bryce at our American Girl Saige night.
 Lydia showing off her bead design.
 Playing American Girl races.
 Caty at the Farmers Market.
 Baked potato bar that night for supper.  I am enjoying mine with chevre and cilantro.
 More fruit salad...this one with cherries.
 There were crafts....
 Joey is finishing up his 4H project, Snack Attack.  Here is the baked tortilla chips he was making.
 I have been convinced to take up target practice.  It's kind of fun and something Joe and I enjoy doing together.  This was my first competition tonight.  24 out of 48 plates knocked down.  Not bad for first time.