Monday, October 21, 2013

What we are up to this week - Week 21

We are doing part week, but full lessons.  Actually I am only planning 3 days, so we can work around the couple trips we have this week.  On Monday we have art class and Thursday we have a really cool event about the Great Black Swamp here in Ohio.  The girls piano class resumes this week and so does guitar.  So we have plenty to do.

Joey struggled in math last week also.  I am going to have a few more equality problems for him to work on, and then we'll be working on greatest/least word problems.  He'll be doing Science with Lydia, so Density and Shape of Matter.  He'll also be working on Bolivia for World Travelers.  In Grammar he'll be working on Spelling Plural nouns and then practicing on IXL.  He also starts his new Minecraft Castles class this week.

Brayden is continuing work with multiple factors in multiplication.   He is struggling with remembering the proper order of operations and when you add and when you don't.  In Ohio History we'll be reading about 'How Nature Shaped Ohio".  In Grammar, we'll be working on the Main Idea and reviewing more parts of speech.  This week it's pronouns and adjectives.  In Art he is working on portraits (this is an extra provided by Time 4 Learning).  In Science, we'll continue with Sound and the Sounds we hear from music.

Lydia is starting Life of fred Butterflies this week.  She really does enjoy Life of Fred.  We are reinforcing skills using  In Science, they'll be learning about the Density and shape of Matter.  For Geography, we'll be researching her Bolivia project for World Travelers Club.  In Grammar, Refreshing ourselves on nouns and verbs (in prep for Subject and Predicate work next week).  Her regular "games" in Spelling/Vocabulary City.  In Reading, I have changed out a few of her books to see if she notices they are a little tougher.  She'll also be doing a couple lessons in Reading Kingdom.  And for Handwriting, We'll be creating monsters and writing stories about them.

This week we'll be working on the Letter M and N.  Caty is LOVING Reading Eggs and Math Seeds.  She begs to do her schoolwork on these everyday.  So I am going with it.  We'll be working more on Bolivia.  She and I will continue reading her God's Big World magazine.  And for Science we'll start reading about Space and our planets.

Hope everyone is has a wonderful week!!!  See you on Saturday at Homeschool Mothers Journal/Week in Review.

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