Thursday, December 5, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I am really liking this blog hop :)

1.  Since I revealed my love of the movie Twister last week.......I guess I will confess my love of the actor Bill Pullman.  The only movie I watch as much as Twister is, While You Were Sleeping.  Oh and you can't watch that without watching Independence Day too.  He hasn't done much that I remember lately, but I still love a good Bill Pullman movie.

2.  The food that I miss the most (that I can't eat because of allergies)......The seafood dip bread bowl from Red Lobster served a side salad with blue cheese dressing and red onions.  I don't think they serve it in bread bowls now, but back then....yummy!!!  I LOVE blue cheese, and miss eating it.  The goat cheese feta I found from a local farmer has a bite to it, but it's still not the same.  I used to get out of work at the video store (oh...that'll be another post), and get Joe and I take out appetizers from Red Lobster for a very late dinner.  The kids would be asleep.  It was delicious!!

3.  My favorite color is Yellow.  Most people think it's autumn tans and browns.  I used to like green a lot, back in high school.  But my favorite color is now Yellow.  It has been for several years now.  It's bright and cheerful, although I do like all shades of yellow not just the sunny ones.

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