Sunday, December 8, 2013

What we are up to this week....Week 28

Well we are back to "regular" school this week.  It was nice to have a week off, but seriously....I didn't even make a dent in my to-do list.  Although I did watch all of Season 8 of  I should've let Joey watch it with me and counted that as Science for him.

Well we have a few activities this week, including LEGO class at Build-It.  And we also have American Girl Club.  The girls have their dance recital this Friday also.

Combined subjects this week are Art, Health, and Ohio History.  
Art - Line drawing using colored pencils to add color and detail
Health - Safety
Ohio History- How the Americans displaced the Natives...after the Revolutionary War.

Joey and Brayden will be working on even/odd numbers (large ones) and accurately reading word problems to find the solutions.  Lydia is working on fractions and reviewing a math program which is showing her easy techniques for adding.  Caty....well whatever we decide to play in this area.

Joey is working on animal traits.  Brayden is finishing reading about Animal habitats.  The girls will be working on Living things.

The boys are working on apostrophes and commas.  Lydia is reviewing pronouns and working on action verbs.  She is also going to continue learning how to write sentences.

The boys are learning how to read a globe.  Lydia is working on reading basic maps and using the compass rose.

The boys have their books.  Lydia is working on the -ad family and using Explore the code Book 2.

Side projects include....Lydia finishing more drawing in her Birds of Northwest Ohio book.  She only needed to do 5 birds, but decided to fill the book.  So this is an ongoing project.  She is also working on her Zoo Class Amphibian report.  

Caty is working on her Community Helpers project.  For History she will be working on "Then and Now".  For reading/phonics, we have some alphabet games and she is continuing her online Essential skills program.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  See you on Saturday for our Weekly Wrap !!!

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