Saturday, January 11, 2014

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 32

In my life this week.....

I am going a bit crazy.  As if homeschooling, volunteering and trying to keep up with 4 active kids isn't enough, our Homeschool with Minecraft classes started this week.  Very exciting, but now I am switching to "working".  That is not like volunteering, most volunteer projects can be pushed around in my schedule.  But if I need to be online, I need to be online whether I have dinner started or not.  I have powerpoint presentations to create.  I am really stressing trying to make sure our house is barely decent, not even expecting Good Housekeeping, I just need sanitary clean.  Meaning no food crumbs on the floor and the laundry in the basket.  I spent all day yesterday just catching up the laundry.  That was quite a job.  It's almost all folded and put away.  I need to work hard on getting a schedule up and hopefully my family will help more.

In our homeschool this week....

Joey and Brayden started a Money Project for 4H.  It seems to be really easy for Brayden, but you can tell Joey is going to struggle a bit.  Joey also started his other two projects, Sports Fitness & Food and Family History Year 1.

Lydia and I started reading a Junie B. Jones Chapter book together.  She worked on some more of her patches this week, and finished earning more.

Caty and I finished her Letters this week.  She was really upset and told me she still wanted to do Kindergarten work.  I had to promise her that she was not leaving kindergarten just because we finished our letter review.   We were just learning some new and exciting things.

Projects I am working on....

I finished the cheerleading hair bows for the kids cheerleading squad.  Now I am working on re-stringing the pom-poms.  That is more of a project than I originally thought it would be.  I also am working on the curriculum for our Homeschool with Minecraft school.  After this week though, I have decided I need to come up with a better organization system.  So that is a project I am also taking on.

What I am cooking.....

We made lots of soups this week.  Chicken and Rice, beef and noodles and homemade tomato soup.  I did break down and order pizza one night because we had a catastrophe with dinner not turning out and I didn't have time to start something new because we had an online class session starting.  The kids were sooooo excited.  I really had Joey, Lydia and Caty make snacks and meals this week.  Caty made puppy chow with Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips and Rice chex.  We made our own powdered sugar with cane sugar and a touch of potato starch.  It turned out wonderful.  She was very proud and everyone enjoyed it.

Joey made Pizza bread for lunch for all of them and enjoyed it.  It was one of his 4H projects.

What I am reading....

I am trying to start reading Divergent, but haven't gotten to actually start it.  I have some Bible Reading that I have been able to get in later at night or early in the morning.  I am very grateful for that.

Questions I have.....

I need a planning system.  Does anyone have one that they use and love?  I am looking for suggestions. I need one that I can combine household/school/blog/volunteer activities in.  Or one that I can easily adjust for myself.


Photos from our week.....

I didn't get a lot this week...but a few.

We played Shut the Box several times.  Lydia really loves this game.

 We watched some old Silent movies on Netflix to go with our Reading of the American Girl Rebecca books.
 Caty made an All about Me poster.  She wants to be a pet groomer when she grows up.
 The penguin she made when we were spent a little time learning about penguins.
 Lydia doing spelling.
 My bronto outgrew his cage in Minecraft class.  Then he ran away :(
 Lydia finished our Family Coat of Arms.  She was proud of this.
 A quiet moment of them playing in the floor with dinosaurs.
Caty's final Letters of the Alphabet.

Bring on reading lessons

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