Friday, January 10, 2014

Three Things Thursday ( a day late)

Three Things Thursday

Ok...I'm a day behind on this one :)

1.  I am currently seeking a "hobby".  I keep getting told 'to help with stress to find something I enjoy doing'.  Well the trouble with this, I used to LOVE reading.  Now I just can't seem to read that much.  I am currently trying jogging, crocheting, quilting, and other crafting.  I am hoping that I can find something to concentrate on, but right now I am flipping between activities.  I am trying not to "stress" about not really knowing what I enjoy anymore.  My only other hobby currently is watching the History Channel.

2.  I really love to cook.  I am a Type A personality though, so I have a hard time teaching the kids.  With all my food allergies, I like being in control, so hopefully there won't be any type of cross-contamination.  I am trying harder though to control my need for "control" and let Lydia have more freedom.  I get very nervous about them getting hurt.  They try and skip steps or just basically forget what they need to be doing.  That scares me.  That being said, I am working very hard on the Type A control and allowing the kids to really help as much as I can.  My one rule, if it's a brand new recipe for something I am limited on supplies for, I do it by myself once and then they can try it.  Allergen-friendly ingredients are not cheap, so I sometimes have to be careful.

3.  I was actually working on earning my Educational History Major - Middle school level when Brayden was a baby.  I was going to be a Social Studies American History teacher.  Yeah....I don't think I could do that now.  Would definitely get myself into trouble!!!  I still love history and I hope someday my kids can appreciate and love history like I do.

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