Sunday, January 26, 2014

What we are up to this week.....Week 35

Fun week, if the weather allows for it.  We have LEGO class at a local LEGO play area.  The theme this time is space.  But with the nasty low temperatures, we may miss that.  Lydia has another Basketball scrimmage this week, weather permitting.  Things are busy as we are re-vamping Homeschool with Minecraft.  Some of the program we were using just are not compatible across the board, so to make things easier for every one, is coming.

But on with School this week.....

Caty is going to be working on State of Matter in Science using Science4Us (watch for the upcoming review).  We are going to be working some more on Dinosaurs, using our Simple Schooling subscription.  We'll keep working on her reading/phonics lessons.  This week's Berenstain Bear book is Lend a Helping a Hand.  In Math we are working on counting to 50 and writing those numbers.

Lydia and I will be starting our study of the Titanic.  We will also be doing a unit study on Greece.  In Science she will continue using the Minecraft Habitats class that she is doing with Skrafty.  We are also using Simple Schooling to learn about Mammals.  In math, lots and lots of work reviewing our addition and subtraction tables so that we can move on to larger numbers.  She is also going to continue writing her own sentences with spelling words.

Brayden and Joey have a ton of similar assignments.  They are continuing multiple column multiplication with carrying using Khan Academy.  In History they are wrapping up the unit on Native Americans.  The same old spelling/vocabulary programs.  For Science they are working on a plant unit.  They are both working on the Money project for 4H.  Joey is continuing his 4H projects with Family History and Food/Fitness.  This week he will be exploring

Hope everyone has a great week!!  See you Saturday :)

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