Sunday, January 5, 2014

Year End Week in Review

In My Life.....

It was a rough couple weeks.  We had to make a quick trip to Tennessee with my hubby for work and it really threw off our whole schedule.  But we had a nice little break from normal routine.

Joe and I were also working hard at getting our website up and running for our Homeschool with Minecraft server.  I still have a ton of work to finish.

Because of all that stress, my body just took a dump mood-wise and I just starred at my screen a lot not really accomplishing anything.  I cleaned and did little things around the house, but didn't really feel like I was accomplishing anything.  It was a rut and I had to kick myself out of it....and quickly.

In our Homeschool .......

We have been chugging along slowly.  Lydia has a ton of patches she is working on for Brownies.  I have to step it up because she will be bridging in the fall.

Covering basic subjects.  The boys and I have started the computer programming section of Khan Academy.  We are going to do the Minecraft Mod class also, so we need to learn a little more about programming.  I think the boys think it is fun because Mom is learning this right along with them.  SHHHHHhhhh don't tell them there are a lot of subjects this happens with.

Caty and I have been working on our alphabet and counting skills.  She is playing on Essential Skills and's games.  Lots of educational games.  Both the girls have been playing Animal Jam a lot also.

Projects I am working on......

Still just trying to keep up.  I decided to take on quilting.  I have a couple other sewing projects I am working on for the girls.  I want to make them western skirts for the girls Daddy and Me dance.

We have also been working hard getting our curriculum ready for our Homeschool with Minecraft Websites!!  So excited to get this project up and running!!

What I am reading.....

I really am not getting to read much.  I have been busy with craft stuff and Minecraft school items.

What I am cooking.....

Up and down here.  Made some yummy chicken and rice soup with homemade bone broth.  Made a big pan of Mexican Lasagna and it was super yummy!!!  There was two types of chili and I even froze the leftovers for Joe and Joey.  It was a soup week, because I even made beef, mushroom and noodle soup.  SOOOO yummy.  I am trying to be very good and make bone broth/stock from both the chicken and beef bones.  The chicken stock is already put up and the beef broth finished cooking tonight and I have it cooling in the fridge so I can put it in the freezer.

Photos to share......

Ok, I am going to finish out with several pics from the past couple week.s

We got a Gingerbread village kit on clearance and the kids put these together.  Even Brayden done one.

 Caty couldn't wait until she was allowed to eat directly from the icing tube.
 Brayden really liked this and enjoyed eating it too :)
Lydia made a hopscotch board for her American Girl Dolls.  She sewed it all by herself!
Caty's alphabet wall on our extra fridge.  She decided she didn't like alphabet puppets, but she likes doing these letters.

 Found these cute snowmen at Dollar Tree.  The kids thought they were very cool!
 There was lots of painting...these are some of Caty's favorite.
 We went with Joe to Tennessee for a couple days and stopped at the Miamisburg Mound on our way there.

 It was quite a climb, and interesting.
We took a side-trip in Tennessee and visited the US Space and Rocket Center in Alabama.  It's our 2nd time there and a lot of fun!

 While in Tennessee, there was severe weather again.  We spent a couple hours in the Hotel conference room again during the tornado warnings.  This has become such a common occurrence for us, that I have a checklist for when this happens.  I pack a 31 Large utility tote with iPads, the kids pills, shoes and sweatshirts.  So I can grab and go if we have to make a quick exit.  I also make sure the kids go to bed in comfortable clothes/pjs, so I am not worried about what they are wearing and us going into public.

I am going to get back up and running this week with daily blog posts!!!

Is there any part of our daily lives that you are curious about?  Please feel free to email me....I would love to share our experience both good and bad, to help others!

Have a wonderful week!!!

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