Thursday, May 8, 2014

Homeschool with Minecraft Classes

We offer monthly classes in History, Geography, Science and Literature that encourage learning through play.

We offer two types of classes. 
  • Live classes which meet together online at a set weekly time.  We do building projects together and discuss class material for the week.  Live classes are 4 weeks long.  We are also offering self-paced classes.  
  • Self-paced classes are the same materials as our live classes, but we allow 6 weeks of server access to complete them.  The only big difference between the two types of class format is the meet together times.  Self-paced classes get the same materials as the live classes.
Our classes for May/June include:

Creative Writing
Inventors through the Ages
Revolutionary War
America is Born
American Tall Tales and Legends
American Girl - Isabelle (4week class)
Greek Gods and Goddesses

US Geography (8 week class)
The First Americans - Native Americans (Life in America before Columbus)
Explorers of North America
Life in Colonial America
Magic Tree House #1 - Dinosaurs before Dawn
Magic Tree House #2 - Knights at Dawn
Magic Tree House #3 - Mummies in the Morning
Magic Tree House #4 - Pirates Past Noon
American Girl - Kaya (6 week class)
American Girl - Felicity (6 week class)

All Classes are available as Self-Paced though.  

What you get.....

We provide a full weekly lessons that include research facts, photos, and video links.  All the work is done for you.  The material can be covered by students independently or with parents.  

Here are some sample slides from the Explorers Class....

Also included are reading comprehension questions to help students learn the materials.  (This is optional, unless you want graded work.  Then it is required.)

We also provide extra resources for families to explore and do outside of Minecraft.   The links and research are provided for you.  Simply add the ideas to your lesson plans.  

We have found that teaching using the game of Minecraft has really brought School alive.  It brings alive so many projects.  Kids are not just reading about events in History, they are re-creating them.  They can be creative in their reading of books.  They can build what is in their minds.  It's so much fun.

Studies are being done showing that Students using Minecraft are able to increase their attention spans.  Minecraft is the new educational tool.

We offer full support for our servers.  So if you have issues, just give us a call.  Joe and I work hard to make sure that this is as easy for parents as it is fun for the kids.

We provide protection for students by providing a whitelisted server environment that is "policed".  We do have a no grieving policy in place, and most areas of our servers are grieve-proof.  

If you are interested in taking classes with Homeschool with Minecraft, simply visit our site and fill out an enrollment form.  You can also email me with questions....

Classes are $10.00 for the first class, and $15.00 for each child in your home that will be participating in classes also.  But we offer a family plan discount of $20.00 for unlimited students/classes.  So you know that you will won't be paying more than $20.00 for your family to have multiple students in multiple classes each month.  Sign up today.

We do provide Certificates of Completion for each class taken for the students.  
Check out our Facebook page.  We keep it updated with server and class information.

I hope you give Homeschool with Minecraft a try!  It's a lot of fun and a great treat for students!!

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