Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Week - Week 49

In my life this week....

This has been a full week.....a full week of overwhelmed.  Haven't been feeling real great this week.  It's been a challenge getting through each day.

Our trip to Houston last week went well.  I am going to be blogging about all the fun museums we found!  It was a great place full of first times for us.

I am prepping the new Homeschool with Minecraft classes for May.  Have 5 new classes to finish and start uploading.  Pretty excited about the new ones!  

In our homeschool....

This week, school went very smoothly for Joey and the girls.  Brayden is the only one that gave me huge grief.  He gave me daily grief.  I eventually got him to finish most of his work.  Not sure what the issue was this week with him.  Who knows?!?  But that's Brayden, you win some and you lose some.  He spent the week sitting on the couch watching Cutthroat Kitchen episodes from the DVR.  I had him watching Liberty's Kids too.

Lydia is doing well reading.  This week she started reading a Little House on the Prairie early chapter book called Animal Adventures.  She finished reading Frog and Toad together and ready about 85% of it on her own.  She was so proud, and I was too!!  She's not doing bad, and it encouraged her to check out some different books at the library this week.  She is doing well at memorizing her math facts and we are finishing up some fraction and coin review before moving onto 3rd grade math in a few weeks.

Caty is working on reading.  We both were a little frustrated, so I bought her a Reading Eggs subscription to play on for a few weeks while we work on other sounds.  She is doing great in Science, we are learning about the different animal classifications and what animals need.  She is learning to recognize color words and number words also.  She has been practicing her writing by using a dry erase book that Grandpa bought her at a recent craft show.  She loves it, and if she's feeling emotional, I just let her practice writing in that book and chill for a while.  She regressed a bit in numbers, so need to revisit recognizing how to count.

Joey has been doing great working on his schoolwork.  He is the first one to get started everyday.  He is doing great at taking the initiative to start before I even say something.  I wish this would rub off on all the kids!!  I think he is struggling reading Hunger Games, so I took that off his schedule for next week. and changed it up a bit.  Found a fun chapter book about platypus cops at the library for him.

Projects I am working on.....

Classes...classes....classes.  Oh and seeing how to re-organize our lives to fit the new changes coming our way.  I have just a ton of things marked daily.  I always feel behind.

I need to clean and start simplifying rooms in the house.  We want to remodel our garage into a family room.  But I need to get some areas under control in our house.

I am also trying to get back into the workout schedule.  I know that I will feel better if I workout, and I do feel better when I workout.  So I am trying to 30 minutes - 3 days a week right now.  I was doing 30 minutes - 5 days a week last fall.  I need to just meet my 3 day a week minimum now.  I figure work my way up.  I don't want to overdo it and get myself sick.  I don't know why I became sick so quickly, so I don't want to push it again.  I'm not going to SuperFitness, just healthy.

Things I am cooking.....

I am working on time for cooking.  One of my issues is that I lost my love of cooking.  I am trying, but the overwhelming feeling makes all meals seem impossible for me.  I bought some premade chicken strips and the kids were like, "Wow!!"  They could tell I wasn't feeling great, since I NEVER buy that stuff anymore.

I made baked chicken a couple times this week.  It's always a favorite.  There were no leftovers this time.  Today I made homemade chicken nuggets, which is also a favorite.  Joey is missing having a meal plan posted, so he could know what he was eating everyday.  He seems comfortable with that feeling.  So I need to work harder at doing that.  I may start involving him with making the meal plan.

Pictures from our week....

Lydia is not a fan of reading on my tablet.  She was reading Frog and Toad while Caty was doing her piano lesson.

Drawing her assignment to go with Frog and Toad.

 Working on her color words book
 Lydia worked on ear training at piano this week.
 The girls picked dandelion greens out of our backyard.  We do not spray chemicals in our backyard, so they can eat the greens.
 Some of the kittens fell asleep in the laundry basket.  They are kind of cute.
 Lydia is doing horseback and tennis for spring sports.  She tried tennis for the first time that night.  She really liked it.
 In American Girl, for our last meeting with Kit, we made newspapers.  Some of the girls brought "articles" they made.  And then we put them together and the girls named their papers.  Lydia really liked this.
 I can't get the picture to flip.  Lydia wrote about the rock wall she climbed at the Houston Children's Museum.
 Spring is blooming at our neighbor's house!
 The girls made pencil cup holders with duct tape at American Girl Club also.

Our weeks are going to be full of changes and adjustments.  A few more than normal.  As the new challenges come our way, we can't wait to see all the new adventures we will be enjoying.

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