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Learning Breakthrough Program-A Life in Balance Review

Learning Breakthrough Program
A Life in Balance by Frank Belgau
Cost - $16.94

Many of you may or may not know that we have multiple children diagnosed on the spectrum, and each of them have an ADHD diagnosis also.  Needless to say it makes every day more interesting.  We recently had the opportunity to preview a copy of A Life in Balance by Frank Belgau.

It's the autobiographical account of more than 30 years of client interactions that led to the development of the Learning Breakthrough's practice and use of professional educators, therapists, research and medical practitioners.  Learning Breakthrough is a program that Frank Belgau he developed that integrates auditory, visual, motor planning, tactile, balance, body position and neurofeedback systems in order to strengthen neurotransmission and actually calibrate the brain's functions.  It helps to train the systems in our brains to work together and coordinate on the same pathways.

A Life in Balance gives you an inside view of the experiences that led him to continue the research and see the benefits that families and individuals experienced while using the Learning Breakthrough Program.  You learn how he developed his brain training program.  

I will be very honest with you.  I am very skeptical of any program that says it treats any type of spectrum disorders, including ADHD without medication.  I am one who firmly believes that if you child is "cured" then they were misdiagnosed in the first place.  And I understand that there is no true medicine for spectrum disorders, but I know that certain symptoms need to be treated and attention given to them so the child/person can have a normal life.  Also one more point is that the varying degrees of spectrum disorders makes any treatment harder to gauge for a general population.  Given all my skepticism, I still thought I would see what success stories were out there.

The book A Life in Balance gives a lot of life information about Frank Belgau and his life and how he did create the Learning Breakthrough Program.  So you are reading about how it was created, not actually reading how to use the program yourself.  A Life in Balance is giving you a "behind-the-scenes" look at the Learning Breakthrough program. The success stories though have peaked my interest enough that I am going to be seeking my doctor's advice on using the program with both our daughters to see if it will help them.

If you have a special needs child that you are seeking to help, A Life in Balance is definitely a book for you to check out.  Not all programs work for all children, but if you are like our family you are always willing to keep searching for whatever will help give your child a better quality of life.  A Life in Balance is one we'll be taking in next month to talk with our psychiatrist about.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew also had the opportunity to read A Life in Balance.  Please take a few moments to visit their posts and see how they enjoyed reading it also, and how they are going to use it with their families.

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