Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Week - Week 4

We had an exhausting week this week.  Homeschooling on the road is a challenge with special needs kiddos.  We have a certain amount of work we need to be completing, all while visiting the sites and taking in the new area.  Homeschooling while visiting New York City for 3 weeks has taken the exhaustion to a whole new level.  It takes about 1 1/2 to go a mere 6 miles in the traffic.  So commuting between places can take us 2-3 hours to go somewhere and come back to the hotel.  The sad part, we can see the areas we have been visiting for a few days from our hotel!  We are that close!

But we chugged through our work this week.  In Science we learned about plate tectonics and reviewed the layers of our planet.  I got the idea from here.

Lydia though took the cookies to a whole different level by attempting to build the models with Legos they got from the Lego store yesterday.  I thought she did fairly good!

Caty got some random LEGOs at the store in Rockefeller Center.  She built these today.

 A book I picked up for Lydia at American Girl...what better way to do Geography!
Our hotel room has a jacuzzi tub.  Caty loves it.
 We visited the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier.  One of the volunteers got our picture.
 This was Caty after walking the
 Caty is working on number recognition to 100.  She is putting them in order here.  (Yeah I know they are not in order
 Our trip to Rockefeller Center.  See the Jeff Koons sculpture in the background.  We turned that into an art project this week.
 The other books I got for Lydia.  They were on sale for $4.00.
 More LEGO fun.  She has never shown this much interest in Legos....shocks me.  But we'll take it.
Joey spent his own money to purchase a new set of Legos yesterday.
 Caty working on her Reading Eggs.  And Building words from word families.
 She got this book while we were in North Carolina.  It was at the Rainforest exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Science.  She and I are going through it slowly and learning bits about the rainforest.  Normally what I do, is read the information to her, and we watch a video about that topic I find on Youtube.  We found a video on the plant she was coloring today.

 Their finished dresses for the 100 Dresses project their Scout troop is working on.  Lydia didn't want to paint, just colored pencils. She and I looked up pictures of dress patterns and then I helped her draw the styles and then she colored them.  I started out cutting Caty's patterns, and then today she finished making her own dresses on the left.  She loved this project, because she was getting to paint.  I don't think I packed enough paint.  I may have to find a Hobby Lobby around here.
Since we saw Jeff Koons display at Rockefeller Center yesterday, we did some art based on him today.
Caty did a version of this....
She called it her wild art....don't get it.  But that is art.

Lydia liked the bunny......

We also watched a video on Jeff Koons

I wish I would've taken the time to paint with the girls this time.  But I was working with the boys while they painted.  I would've painted these.  Can't wait to see more of his art at the art museums this next week.

 Joey thought this was cool!
 This is similar to the piece in Rockefeller Center.  But it's called Puppy.
More adventures to come.....14 more days in NYC.  And then back to the midwest and possibly Chicago!!  I have several posts scheduled from the last few weeks adventures.  Hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up too.

I have been inspired to start a new series of traveling in your own state.  I will be starting with our own state of Ohio next week.  I highlight great places to visit and historical places to see.

Hope everyone had a great week!!!  See you soon!!

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