Saturday, June 28, 2014

Visiting the Duke Lemur Center - Durham, NC

Who doesn't love lemurs?  They are so cute and Fuzzy!!!  Those big eyes, and their dancing.

Turns out their "dancing" is because they have different hips joints than we do.  We watched the newest movie about the lemurs of Madagascar.  (I highly recommend this documentary about lemurs and the conservation efforts.)

Then we took advantage of our location that week, and visited the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, NC.

They are the largest home to lemurs outside of Madagascar.  In fact, they also have a location in Madagascar to help the locals in their conservation efforts.

Pictures were kind of hard, but this was an experience.  This guy right here is the son of the lemur from Zooboomafu.  Wonder where he is....yep, you guessed it.  He is now happily retired and living at the Duke Lemur Center.

We were even able to see an aye-aye, a gray mouse lemur, and a fat-tailed dwarf lemur.  They have a special nocturnal area set up, so we can see the lemurs behavior in what they consider night.  

We were able to see about 15 different species of lemurs that morning.

There is a cost to this activity.  But we felt it was worth it, it would've been cooler if we could've held a lemur.  But they don't allow that.  Apparently lemurs are not as friendly as you think they are.  They can hurt without meaning too.

There are some neat lemur facts at the Lemur World website.

Keep watching for our upcoming never know where we are going to end up :)

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