Monday, June 30, 2014

Touring a Goat Farm - Take 2

A few years ago we had the privilege to tour a local goat farm, Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery, that makes the BEST cheeses.  We have been regular customers ever since.  The girls love to go and play with the goats every couple weeks.

Well a couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to tour with our 4H Club.

Dell, one of the owners is such a nice guy!  He gives a great explanation.

This is the sterile room.  This large vat is where he heats the milk (pasteurizes it) and then adds the enzymes at just the right time to start creating the cheese.

This is a few batches of cheese.  The bags hanging will be cheve.  Super yummy soft cheese, like sour cream or a soft cream cheese.  We love it in mac & cheese and on toast.  The small containers are the start of gouda.
This is a photo of the "cheese cave".  They specialize in Gouda, which needs to age.  They line the shelves with these forms.  Every two days they flip them and coat with a wax paint.  This process goes between 9 to 18 months.  This is the yummiest cheese!!!  It's addicting.
 The goats though are always the star attractions for the girls.
Here they are cleaning hooves before taking them into the milking stalls.
This is the first time they actually saw the goats being milked.  Very interesting and loud process.
They had fun as always...samples galore.

 Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery ships also.  I highly recommend their products.  They are a great family and their product is top quality.  Their prices are also very reasonable.  I have had to resort to buying goat cheese at Whole Foods on recent trips (when I run out of what I pack from Turkeyfoot Creek) and it's expensive.  Most of the time double the price.  If you want great, quality product, check them out!!!

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