Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Road trip - Crayola Experience

This has been on our travel list for a couple years.  The Crayola Experience is a 4 story adventure centered around that favorite childhood toy - the Crayola crayon!!!

There is a cost for this tour/play time.  We were fortunate to get our discount tickets from the local hotel.  You can also get a discount by purchasing online before heading that way.  So make sure to check around for good deals.  We saved $5.00 a ticket.  That adds up by 6 people.  But they do give you 3 tokens to use at the various areas.


My favorite color :)

The world's largest crayon.
World's largest crayon
You could label and name your own crayon.  This was one token.  (By the way, you can purchase more tokens.  They are 50 cents each if you want to make more than one item in each section.  I ended up buying another couple dollars in tokens so Brayden could make extra markers.)
They also had interactive coloring books set up.  The kids could design their animals and see them come to life on the big screens on the walls.  The girls loved it.
The boys got into it too.
This is one large light bright!
Getting Glitter tattoos.  (This was a downside.  There was plenty of places to spend tons of extra money.  I hated the commercial side of this place.  Seriously....does Crayola really need to nickel and dime you on a family day too?!?!)

How markers are made.  This was Brayden's favorite section.

Caty and Lydia enjoyed a huge multi-level play area.
There was a Kinect type game that allowed you to make a crayon move like you.

Learning how crayons are made.  You really don't tour the factory.  They have a demonstration and video for you to watch.  They are still using equipment designs from the early 1900s.  If the design "ain't broke, don't fix it" is the attitude.

Crayon counter

Our family picture as a coloring page.  This was pretty cool!

Making drip art....

Making molded crayons

Funny when I step on a marker on the ground, I usually slip and fall.  No Caty is able to balance on a marker.

There were some friends advertising local restaurants outside.

I do recommend a visit to the Crayola Experience.  Just keep an eye on your budget.  The prices in the gift shop were reasonable and average with other attractions we have been too, including Hershey's a couple years ago.  Most of the prices were the same as the local box stores for many items.  But we were able to find other items that stores generally do not carry.  The visit easily will last you for a few hours.  So definitely leave a minimum of 2-3 hours for your visit.  There are plenty of "free" activities throughout the building.

On to our New York City Adventures next week!!!

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